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The Unnamed Town is to the east of [[Escrow]] and [[Magpyr Castle]].
The Unnamed Town is a cul-de-sac village located to the southeast of [[Escrow]] and [[Magpyr Castle]].
==Language and currency==
==Language and currency==

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The Unnamed Town is a town in Uberwald.


The Unnamed Town is a cul-de-sac village located to the southeast of Escrow and Magpyr Castle.

Language and currency

The language in the Unnamed Town is Uberwaldean. The local currency is the Lancre crown.


Crime and Punishment


A small road enters the Unnamed Town from the south, leading to a village square. The small road is the only road into or out of the village.


The Uberwald carriage has a stop at the southwest corner of the village square.


All property in Uberwald is handled from the real estate stall on the town square in Lancre Town.

The following conditions apply to real estate in the Ramtops:

  • Players with property elsewhere are ineligible to bid on types of property that they already own.
  • Property cannot be shared with those ineligible to bid, as above.
  • Players cannot bid on more than one property at a time.
  • Player with less than 200 guild levels are prevented from bidding on property in Uberwald due to its dangerous reputation.

Player housing

There are two player houses along the road leading to the village square.


  • An abandoned and derelict Temple of Pishe, south of the village square, where Mad Priest Von Bobenstein can be found. He is an NPC who can raise the dead.


There are no guild-related facilities here.


The following shops can be found in the Unnamed Town.

  • A coffin shop, a clothing shop, and a general store are in the village square.
  • A store selling items that may or may not be of use against the more dangerous denizens of Uberwald is along the small road.
  • The Slaughtered Lamb, the town inn, is along the small road. It sells cloves of garlic, garlicky food, and beer. There are rooms upstairs.


Unnamed NPCs

  • Bumpkins, commoners, and peasants wander the streets. They may be old, terrified, timid, or uneasy.
  • Carriage drivers and the occasional traveller can be found at the carriage stop.

Unique NPCs

  • Abe, who is in the graveyard.
  • Jasen and Arno, who wander.
  • Mad Priest Von Bobenstein, who can raise people from the dead, in the ruined Temple of Pishe.
  • Spiegal, proprietor of Ye Olde Weapons Shoppe.
  • The grim innkeeper, the innkeeper and bartender of The Slaughtered Lamb.
  • Heinrich Von Totengaenger, proprietor of the general store.
  • Dame Wilhelmina, proprietor of Dame Wilhelmina's little clothing Haus.
  • Wolfgang 'We put'em six feet under' Weidendorf, purveyor of fein coffins.

Other points of interest

  • A graveyard, north of the village square, where you can buy plots, bury bodies, write epitaphs for the tombstone, and also find and read the tombstones that are already there.