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Uberwald is known for the werewolves and vampires who haunt its forests and towns, making this destination a dangerous area.

Its fierce reputation is largely deserved... at least at night.


Uberwald is a large area south and east of the Ramtops. It begins a little after Blackglass and contains a handful of towns and villages amidst miles of forest and mountains.

Language and currency

The language throughout Uberwald is Uberwaldean. The local currency is the Lancre crown.


There is no player council in this area.

Crime and Punishment

The villagers of Escrow have a very unique and invariably fatal form of punishment for anyone who attracts it. If you have any doubts about your ability to single handedly fight a large group of werewolves, it really is best that you don't do anything that could upset the locals, although shoplifting seems to be safe. The vampires don't count, you can safely kill them.

For more information about the dangers of Uberwald and discwide see Dangerous_zones.


The Uberwald carriage, Borogravia carriage, Steppes carriage and Vieux River Road carriage all go through this area.


All property in Uberwald is handled from the real estate stall on the town square in Lancre Town. There is player housing in both Escrow and the Unnamed Town, and also a club house and a player shop in Escrow.



The Temple of Cool has a Gappic shop and shrine.


The Hublandish Barbarians' winter camp can be found in the far southeast, past the mountains. This isn't actually in Uberwald, but is on the Hubland Steppes, way past Koom Valley, and close to the village of Fiddlyfjord.


The wandering cottage can be found in the forests here.

Towns and villages

  • Escrow and the Unnamed Town huddle together in the curve of the mountains, with werewolf-inhabited forests on all sides. They are currently the only accessible towns in Uberwald.

Other points of interest

  • The Temple of Cool offers drinks, various entertainments, and the opportunity for a bit of shopping to travellers stopping between Blackglass and Escrow.
  • Magpyr Castle, or Dontgonearthe Castle, is located between Escrow and the Unnamed Town, and has many surprising and entertaining[1] features, as well as various vampires.
  • The forests surrounding the various roads in Uberwald are inhabited by werewolves, both during the day and the night. They auto-attack and are *very* powerful, and are known to pursue when attacked.
  • Dave the Most Horrid and Foul Necromancer, a reclusive necromancer, resides in a swamp near the towns.
  • In the forest near Bonk are several hot springs.
  • The Dark Forest terrains include several herbs and flowers which can be seasonably gathered:
  • The Dark Forest also has non-gatherable flowers:
    • Trillium
    • Sweet Woodruff


  1. Deadly.