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Genua can be reached by taking the [[Carriages#Vieux River Road carriage|Vieux River Road]] [[carriage]].
Genua can be reached by taking the [[Carriages#Vieux River Road carriage|Vieux River Road]] [[carriage]].
===Towns & Villages===
===Towns, villages and interests===
[[Escrow]] is the primary city in Uberwald.
[[Escrow]] is the primary city in Uberwald.

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Uberwald is known for the werewolves and vampires who haunt its forests and towns, making this destination a dangerous area.

Its fierce reputation is largely deserved... at least at night.


Uberwald is a large region in the south-east of the Disc. It begins a little after Blackglass and contains a handful of towns and villages amidst miles of forest and mountains. To the east is the Hubland Steppes; farther east and along the south lie the edges of the map. Genua theoretically lies to the south but is inaccessible on foot.


The Sto Plains connects to western Uberwald via the north-south road that runs past a large hill and connects with the Smarl River Road. Crossing the Smarl River farther to the east leads through Blackglass and to the Ramtops.

Genua can be reached by taking the Vieux River Road carriage.

Towns, villages and interests

Escrow is the primary city in Uberwald.

Notable Uberwaldean locales:

Other various cities and towns are inaccessible, existing only as marks on the map. They include:

  • A Town
  • Bluntz
  • Bonk
  • Koom Valley
  • Plun


Dominating the landscape are the Uberwald forest and mountains. The forests surrounding the various roads in Uberwald are inhabited by werewolves, both during the day and the night. They auto-attack and are *very* powerful, and are known to pursue when attacked.

A marsh is located around the bridge by the Temple of Cool, possibly due to the multiple rivers and highland lakes in the area. In the southeast near the Inn of the Fifth Elephant is a cherry orchard. Northeast of Bonk are several hot springs, while a fat springs can be found to the east. South of Escrow is the Uberwaldean swamp.


The language throughout Uberwald is Uberwaldean.


The local currency is the Lancre crown.

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