Twisted black amulet

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Twisted black amulets are useful tools for demonologists, allowing protection from random damage from successful casting of Doctor Kelleflump's Deadly Demon and Kelleflump's Irritating Demon. It does not protect against damage from spell failure. For more info about the nature of the amulets read the blog post .

Long description

This piece of black-stained silver isn't quite flat, and isn't evenly rounded, as though it had been warped by a fire.  The spikes and hooks around the rim have a disturbingly organic look, and the eldritch runes spiralling around the face are never the same twice.  Occasionally, you can make out glimmers of meaning in the runes, but the bitter, doleful words always retreat and change before your mind can do more than take a glimpse of the vast, empty infinity of unpleasant truth behind the blackened silver.
Unpleasant-looking spikes and hooks of octarine light thrust at odd angles from its surface.


Twisted black amulets can be made via the spell Professor Flambardie's Grim Amulet, and otherwise can sometimes be purchased from wizards who have the spell or have produced a stockpile of amulets.

Dave the Most Horrid and Foul Necromancer wears one.


The amulets will absorb damage from Doctor Kelleflump's Deadly Demon and Kelleflump's Irritating Demon spells that cast successfully but result in the (random) chance that the summoned demon decides to attack you, the caster, afterwards. They do NOT absorb damage from actual spell-failures, only where the spell was "successful" and hit the target.

Slightly similar to TPA, they can absorb all of this "backfire" damage up to a certain limit, determined by the amulet's level (see list below). Every time an amulet absorbs any damage, it's level is lowered, and cannot be refreshed or regenerated. Once an amulet has absorbed as much damage as it can, it will melt/the item will be destroyed. Any excess damage still unabsorbed by the now-destroyed amulet will then continue on to hit the caster (though TPA will help protect from any excess, also).

Two amulets can be worn at a time, so that whenever one amulet is completely destroyed, the second amulet can absorb any excess, offering extra protection.

Enchantment Levels

Looking at twisted black amulets shows you their "enchantment level" - the higher the level, the more damage this amulet can take before being destroyed. The levels lower with damage absorbed, and cannot be raised again through any means. Starting with the lowest level (and so the smallest amount of damage capacity before being destroyed):

  1. The metal looks dull and lifeless (empty/useless amulet)
  2. An occasional spark of octarine light roils across its surface (equates to "occasionally pulses with octarine light")
  3. (equates to "emits slight octarine glow")
  4. Lines of octarine light slither over its surface (equates to "softly pulses in dull octarine shades")
  5. (equates to "steady but dull octarine glow")
  6. Thick bands of octarine light undulate across its surface (equates to "steady octarine glow")
  7. (equates to "intense octarine")
  8. (equates to "bright octarine colour")
  9. Hooks and spikes of brightly pulsing octarine light thrust up at odd angles from its surface (equates to "brightly pulses octarine")
  10. Brilliantly coruscating hooks and spikes of octarine light thrust up and away from its surface (equates to "brilliant octarine shades")
  11. Hooks and spikes of pure octarine brilliance seem to float just above its surface (equates to "radiates pure octarine brilliance")


Upon taking too much total damage, your amulet will be destroyed and vanish. Reg-ex trigger text that supports this whether you have one or more at the time is: (A|One of your) twisted black amulets? emits? a high-pitched, screeching moan and collapses? into a small puddle of greasy ooze.