Turnwhistle's Effulgent Autiridescence

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Turnwhistle's Effulgent Autiridescence
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
GP cost 150
Mind space 10
Thaums 2
Components lantern (sometimes consumed), shimmering glass nugget, octogram
Tome Intermediate Artifact Magic, fourth ed.

Turnwhistle's Effulgent Autiridescence (abbreviated as TEA) is a miscellaneous wizard spell which turns an item into a gp light source much like a yellow stone ring.


The spell "Turnwhistle's Effulgent Autiridescence" is a miscellaneous spell requiring a lantern (sometimes consumed), a shimmering glass nugget, and the focus of an octogram. The target item, once worn, will produce light of the same colour as the glass nugget (at the time of casting). The light will only continue so long as the wearer has sufficient Guild Points. Once GP is run down and the light goes out, the enchanted item must be removed and equipped again before the light will return.

Unlike most other wearable light producing items, these will add a line of text to the wearer's description:

She is surrounded by a soft <colour> glow.

Skeetbraskin's Fuliginous Perdition removes the effect from the item.


This spell costs 150 GP to cast, and takes up 10 units of mind space. It is cast on a wearable item.


The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


This spell requires a lantern (sometimes consumed), a shimmering glass nugget, and the focus of an octogram.

Casting messages


While the glass nugget is in your inventory, it will phase through many colours, only pausing once it is safely tucked away. The number of colours a single nugget will visit may depend on the nugget. It is also possible to encourage a nugget to take on a specific colour, simply by saying that colour aloud while the nugget is in your inventory.

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