Turn Undead

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Turn Undead
Ritual information
Deities Pishe Gufnork
GP cost 150
Components holy symbol
Required powers Movement Speech
Learned At 100 faith.rituals.offensive.target
Skills faith.rituals.offensive.target
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Offensive
Steps 3
Targets others & multiple targets
Description Harm undead creatures with holy power.
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help


This ritual uses the holy power of your god to do damage to undead targets, causing them to eventually turn to dust.

  • Expect some fireworks if you use this ritual against a spectre.
  • Useful as a counter for the wizard's spell GRG (which summons a skeleton).
  • You can use it on zombies in AM, the zombie town criers in Genua, zombies in Bleak Prospect, and of course vampires in Escrow.


> perform turn undead on zombie
You start to chant the rite of Exorcism.
You point your set of sapphire prayer beads at a smelly grey zombie.
You reach the critical point of your chant.
You raise your set of sapphire prayer beads on high, and it starts to heat up.
The smelly grey zombie bursts into flames.
You killed the smelly grey zombie.
A mass of grimy rags falls to the ground.
The smelly grey zombie crumbles to dust.

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