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Command information
GP Cost 30
Learnt At 20 fighting.special.unarmed
Skills Used Fighting.special.unarmed,
Fighting.unarmed.grappling and
Items Needed None
Guild Available to all

Trip is a fighting command which can be used to upset an opponent's balance during combat.


Although trip relies on unarmed skills, it may be performed whether holding a weapon or not. In order to successfully trip an opponent, one must:


The effects depend on the degree of success of the skillcheck:

  • A high degree of success results in the victim being sent crashing to the ground, costing them a lot of action points. They remain at a substantial AP disadvantage until they get up again (which occurs automatically). During this period, they cannot be tripped or shoved again.
  • A lesser degree of success causes the victim to stumble, costing them a few action points.
  • Failure causes the attacker to stumble, costing them a few action points.

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