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Command information
GP Cost  ?
Learnt At ?
Skills Used **crafts.medicine.treatment.disease, magic.methods.mental.cursing, fighting.unarmed.striking
Items Needed 2 willow withes, 4 strips of cloth
Guild Witches' Guild

A horse remedy needs to be especially strong.


You say: teach me please

Nanny Ogg nods.
Nanny Ogg says with a Lancrastian accent: 'Bout time you learned a new trick, luv.
Nanny Ogg whispers to you with a Lancrastian accent: I heard this one was invented by a sheep witch down on the Chalk, may she rest in peace.
Nanny Ogg looks solemn for a moment.
Nanny Ogg whispers to you with a Lancrastian accent: You'll be needing some supplies to use it, of course.  Smart gel like you will know where to find 'em.
Nanny Ogg nods knowingly at you.
Nanny Ogg loudly exclaims with a Lancrastian accent: Run along now an' give it a try!


You need turpentine.




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