Transcendent Pneumatic Alleviator

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Transcendent Pneumatic Alleviator
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Defensive
GP cost 45
Mind space 25
Thaums 5
Components A handful of fine ash (consumed) and a shield
Tome Invoakatyons in thee Mysterie of Wynd

Transcendent Pneumatic Alleviator (abbreviated as TPA) is a first order defensive spell which creates a magical impact shield around the caster.

The barrier functions as a force field that will completely absorb most forms of damage until it is destroyed.


This spell costs 45 GP to cast and takes up 25 units of mind space.


The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


  • A handful of fine grey ash (consumed)
  • A shield (not consumed)

If the shield used is not a combat shield (i.e., one that cannot be used for blocking), the spell will be much weaker. The lightest proper shield currently in the game is a small leather shield.

Casting messages

You consider the function of a shield.
You try to sense the nature of the air around yourself.
You recite a rambling roll of rustling rhymes.
You lift the ash and scatter it around yourself.
You channel magic to form an impact shield around yourself.
With a noise that sounds like "Plink!", everything around you flashes red for a moment.
To others
Master Zaz Zahir gets some fine grey ash from his hessian sack.
Master Zaz Zahir appears to be thinking about something.
Master Zaz Zahir seems to be looking at something near you.
Master Zaz Zahir whispers something to himself.
Master Zaz Zahir blows some ash into the air around you.
Master Zaz Zahir concentrates for a moment.
End of spell
There is a sudden white flash.  Your magical shield has broken.


When cast, this spell creates a magical shield which unconditionally absorbs almost all types of damage that strike it.

Shield health and buffering

TPA buffering and shield health simulation

This shield has two aspects associated with it

  • The shield's total health, which is the total damage it can absorb.
  • The shield's buffer, which is a proportion of the current total health.

The shield's total health degrades:

  • At a steady rate as time passes.
  • Whenever the shield absorbs damage.

The buffer fills up whenever the shield takes damage and, if filled past capacity, causes the shield to break. While the shield is not taking damage, the buffer slowly empties. The colour of the shield is an indication of how full the buffer is. The shield colours are as follows, in increasing order of fullness of the buffer:

  • Colourless/invisible.
  • Dull red
  • Bright red
  • Wobbling orange.
  • Flickering yellow.

Defensive layering

This shield is layered beneath the following:

It is layered above:

Component Shield

The Small leather shield is now the lightest shield that can be used to give a full strength TPA.

Shield Weight (lbs) Where to acquire
Origami shield[1] ? ?
Nipple shield ? ?
Shield badge ? Artificer's Academy (searching in the garden), Sto Lat
Mounted pewter shield[1] 1 6/9 Pewter stall, Djelibeybi Bazaar
Small leather shield 1 1/2 Griffith Cwlyd's tannery (West side of the Plaza of Broken Moons, Ankh-Morpork)
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