Towels for quilting blocks

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This is the list of towels that can be torn up for quilting blocks. The expanded, combined list of all clothes collected so far can be found at List of quilting block clothes.

Clothing Item[1] Number of Blocks[2] Material Short Description[3] Expanded Description[4]
 <Adjective> <colour> towel Colours this is true for: amethyst purple, aquamarine, black, blue, bright orange, camel brown, cardamom brown, cardamom green, cinnabar red, cinnamon, cobalt blue, dark blue, dark grey, dark yellow, desert yellow, Djeli bean pink, Djeli bean red, Djelian blue, ebony black, forest green, garnet red, golden brown, hasheesh green, Hersheba brown, indigo blue, indigo red, ivory white, khaki, light green, light grey, light indigo, mauve, nut brown, oasis blue, onyx black, orange, pale green, pea green, pink, plaid, purple, red, sandy ochre, sapphire blue, slate grey, speedwell blue, turmeric yellow, violet, white, yellow.   11 Cotton <Colour> <Colour>
Blue hand towel 4 Cotton Washed-out blue Washed-out blue
Delicate black towel 4 Cotton Black Black
Fluffy pink towel 6 Cotton Pink Pink
Frog green towel 6 Cotton Bright green Bright green
Funny monkey towel 6 Cotton Red Red
Large black towel 6 Cotton Black Black
Large emerald green towel 6 Cotton Emerald green Emerald green
Large printed towel 6 Cotton Blue Blue
Large royal green towel 6 Flannel Royal green Royal green
Large white towel 6 Flannel White White
Luxurious ivory bath towel 6 Cotton Ivory Ivory
Patched floral towel 6 Cotton White White cotton printed with a floral design
Red beach towel 6 Cotton Bright red Bright red
Soft fluffy kitten towel 6 Cotton White White
Yellow duckling towel 6 Cotton Blue Blue
Yellow foot towel 6 Cotton Sickly yellow Sickly yellow


  1. See Kefka's Item Database for details where to find items
  2. Exact number of blocks can vary somewhat, according to damage and possibly some other factor. Number should be what you usually get from a fully-mended item.
  3. Color seen in inventory
  4. Color seen when block or applique examined