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Ritual information
Nickname ?
Deities all
Granted to followers of None
GP cost 40
Components holy symbol
Required powers speech  ?
Learned At  ?
Skills  ?
Resisted By  ?
Angers?  ?
Type Defensive
Steps  ?
Targets  ?
Description  ?
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help

Totem is a priest ritual that summons a creature to protect you. You can only have one totem at a time.


This ritual costs 40 GP, and is performed on an item specific to your deity.

It requires the power of speech.


This ritual uses faith.rituals.defensive.area and


The target for the ritual varies according to deity.

Performing messages


You chant the psalm of transformation.
You call upon Sek to transform a cured human right eye.


Your cured human right eye flashes brightly and gives rise to a large salamander.


Sek refuses to grant you a totem.

What others see

Priest chants a psalm.
Priest calls upon Sek.
Priest's cured human right eye flashes brightly and gives rise to a large salamander.


Totems are a type of minion that will automatically assist the priest in a fight and protect them. They can be ordered to protect npcs, but not other players.

Their skills vary[2], but their offensive abilities are fairly low, meaning that their main use is in defending the priest (they're capable of absorbing a hundred percent of all hits until they die) and in sapping the enemy's action points.

Each deity grants a different form of totem.

Using a totem while killing something will cause you to get less burial xp, but--depending on your guild level and what you're killing--it can cause you to get more kill xp, as well. For their summoner, they seem to share kill and burial xp just like a groupmate (one with a low guild level). However, they will "drain" the kill and burial xp of the summoner's actual groupmates, since it doesn't share as much xp with them.


A totem will leave of its own accord after sixteen minutes, give or take a few seconds, if it is not killed or dismissed before that time. Skill does not appear to be a factor.

You can extend this duration by feeding them enough gp at once:

Forms of syntax available for the command 'feed':
feed <positive number> {gp|gps|guild points} [to] <minion> 
feed <minion> fully 


For most totems, leaving looks like this:

The <totem> crumbles into dust.

For Pishe, however, it looks like this:

The misty woman dissipates into the air.


When a ward is triggered, a totem is summoned. The totem follows and will obey the victim.


If your totem leaves the room you're in--for example, because Fear or Agoraphobia was performed on it, or because it was dragged underwater due to a lack of swimming skills--you will be dragged along with it, because you automatically follow your totems (you can, however, unfollow them to avoid this). If you leave the room through a non-standard exit, such as a climbing exit, the totem will appear in your room after a second or two instead of following you normally.

Sometimes a totem will stop protecting you for no very obvious reason (this sometimes correlates with them just appearing in your room instead of following you as they normally do, even when there's nothing odd about the exits). If this happens, it's best to just order it to leave and summon a new one.

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  1. Tip: You can buy a fish and eat it until it's only 1/9 lb. Origami paper fish are also only 1/9 lb.
  2. They appear to vary from performance to performance of the ritual, not just according to deity. It's unknown what causes this, or if it's random.
  3. This totem appears not to be able to make attacks--if she enters combat, she will only defend.
  4. This totem is a troll, and has troll skin.

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