Torqvald's Illusion Generatrix

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Torqvald's Illusion Generatrix
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
GP cost 100
Mind space 50
Thaums 10
Components A quill (consumed), A silver ring (consumed), An end (consumed), A small bucket
Tome Cunjuryng for Begynners

Torqvald's Illusion Generatrix (abbreviated as TIG) is a miscellaneous spell. It allows the wizard to design an area illusion and store it in his mind, thereby create a completely new and hitherto unknown spell that when cast calls the illusion into being.

Spell details

This spell costs 100 gp to cast and takes up 50 units of mind space.


Casting messages


Creation of the spell (1st Stage) You study the quill. You hold the bucket tightly. You drop the quill into the bucket. You call silently to the spirits of the imagination. You flip the ring into the air and catch it in the bucket. You hold the end raised in one fist. You make three passes with the end over the bucket and drop it in; the contents of the bucket vanish! Please enter the text of the illusion which you wish your new spell to create. For this illusion, you may use up to 279 characters. Leave a totally blank line where you want a carriage return in the text of your illusion. Enter your text. Use ** on a line by itself to exit. 1 ]

Casting of the illusion (2nd Stage) You blow the ash into the air. You hold up the ring and look through it. You chant: Zeur's Zoshar Geshuk. The illusion unfolds...


Your mind feels fuller with sudden knowledge of the spell "Zeur's Zoshar Geshuk".

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