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God information
Deity Topaxci, God of the Red Mushroom
Finger Though much revered by His worshippers, Topaxci is better known outside His church as The God of Certain Mushrooms, Great Ideas that you Forgot to Write Down and Will Never Remember Again, and of People who Tell Other People that 'Dog' is 'God' Spelt Backwards and Think that this is in Some Way Revelatory. Both Topaxci and his priests enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, and his followers believe in using the Red Mushroom to better commune with Him and learn the secrets of the multiverse.

He currently can't be worshipped.

Areas Skund Forest
Priests' Alignment min:


Major Shield
Holy symbol
References Ug Ogg's custom armour symbol, shady street preacher on the Street of Small Gods in Ankh-Morpork shouts various things about Topaxci to passers-by, also written Topaxi
Finger Finger information on Topaxci (login required)