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(Example alias)
(Example alias)
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==Example alias==
==Example alias==
get title changer from bag;  
get title changer from bag;  
set long title to %^BOLD%^%^RED%^ Taxi: off duty %^RESET%^;  
set long title to %^BOLD%^%^RED%^Taxi: off duty %^RESET%^;  
put title changer in bag
put title changer in bag

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Title changers can be used to alter the part of a player's title after their name by simply entering the correct command when holding the device. Colour codes can be added to put in colours as well. They do not change the titles immediately before or after their name, but instead add text after their full title and guild rank.

These titles are restricted to 25 characters maximum. Colour codes do not count towards this.

Once a title is set, it will remain there until changed again or cleared. A player does not have to carry around a title changer to keep the custom title.


set [long] title to <title>
clear title

Example alias

get title changer from bag; set long title to %^BOLD%^%^RED%^Taxi: off duty %^RESET%^; put title changer in bag

Long Description

This small bronze disc can be used to set part of your title, or, indeed, clear your existing one. An impending sense of doom emanates from the disc, presumably to warn people who might be thinking of putting something lewd after their name.

Appraises As

The title changer is a couple of inches long and a couple of inches wide. It is made of bronze.


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