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(Wizard's titles (from their wiki))
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== General ==
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These title are available to everyone.
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== Guild ==
== Guild ==

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Priests' guild

The following title become available to priests when they progress in their guild:

title guild level
Brother / Sister
Mostly reverend
Blessed brother
Blessed father
Venerable brother
Venerable father

Witches' Guild

All witch titles can be requested from Granny Weatherwax upon joining the guild. They have no level requirement.

  • Aunty
  • Biddy
  • Black
  • Gammer
  • Goodie
  • Goody
  • Gramma
  • Granny
  • Mama
  • Mistress
  • Mother
  • Mss
  • Nanna
  • Nanny
  • Old
  • Sister
  • Wee
  • Wicked
  • Young

Wizard's Guild

Titles are made available to you at certain guild levels. Once you have the required level, wizard-specific titles can be acquired from the Communications Imp who will tell you about your 'latest promotion'.

title guild level
Fat, Stuffed, Over-fed, Gimlet-eyed, Robust 0
Bearded, Burly, Plump, Rotund, Thin, Tiny 50
Mystic, Obscure 100
Complex, Learned 150
Potent, Wise, Grumpy 200
Cryptic, Dark, Scholarly, Grey-haired, Greybeard 250
Master/Mistress 300
Adroit, Dire, Maven 350
Quantum, Savant, Unseen 400
Archmage, Archmaster 500

Council titles

Ankh-Morpork council

The following titles are granted by the AM council. Some are titles of honour, while others are meant to be given as a punishment. Some titles can be purchased temporarily for a donation to the council.

title comment
Dame / Sir honour roll
utterly fluffy
the wonderful
the amazing
naughty spawn
appallingly filthy
very sorry
very very sorry

Djelibeybi council

The following titles are granted by the Djb council. Some are titles of honour, while others are meant to be given as a punishment.

title comment
Sultan / Sultana honour roll
Shai/Sitt al-khasa Master/Mistress of the elite
Shai/Sitt al-ri'asa Master/Mistress of leadership
Shai/Sitt ishquaraya Master/Mistress of the false ones
Shai/Sitt a'daha Master/Mistress of their enemies
Nawab Nawab of the Treasury; a title unique to Djelibeybi's Treasurer
Qasar Caesar
Mazrat Holy
Effendi A title of quality
Ya'uq Preserver
Mutasharid Outcast
Ishqaraya The false one
Naughty Spawn
Kill Stealer
Corpse Looter
Cat Hating
Foreign Dog
Shopkeeper Murderer


A lot of titles are available from achievements.

title achievement
Ancient Ancient
Axe-master Axe Mastery
Champion Champion
Flatulent Coleslawter
Competent Competent Professional
Cultured Cultural Attache
Healer Curative Cleric
Knifey Dagger Mastery
Cutthroat Dagger Mastery
Archaic Dawn Of The World
Elementalist Elementalist
Energetic Energetic
Festive Founder Of The Feast
Gifted Gifted
Impaler Inserter Of Sharp Objects
Paranoid Living In Fear
Saintly Living Saint
Crusher Mace Mastery
Duelist Master Duelist
Masterful Masterful
Medical Medic
Unburiable Morbid Attraction
Nasty Nasty Old Baggage
Nimble Nimble
Murse Nurse
Nurse Nurse
Obsolete Obsolete
Old Woman Old Age
Old Man Old Age
Old Old Age
Crimewave One Person Crimewave
Antiquated Part Of The Ambience
Fossilized Part Of The Furniture
Mythical Path To Ascension
Unlucky Perpetual Stiffy
Pious Pious
Staffmistress Pole Mastery
Staffmaster Pole Mastery
Prehistoric Prehistoric
Bruiser Project Mayhem
Pulveriser Pulveriser
Literate Quite Literate
Wealthy Rolling In Rhinu
Senile Senile
Shieldmistress Shieldmastery
Shieldmaster Shieldmastery
Erratic Mechanic Steampunk Artificer
Legendary Stuff Of Legends
Swordmistress Swordmastery
Swordmaster Swordmastery
Decrepit The Ever Watching Eye
Player Of Games The Game Master
Headmistress Throne Of Bones
Headmaster Throne Of Bones
Multilingual Tongue Twister
Golden Touch Of Glod
Unexpected Unexpected Guest
Versatile Versatile
Virtuoso Virtuoso
Venerable Walking Dead
Opulent Wealth Of Nations