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The Guild of Thieves, Burglars and Allied Trades is a covert guild based in Ankh-Morpork, although it has branches in Bes Pelargic, Djelibeybi, Genua and Pekan Ford. It is split into five specialisations, each focusing on certain areas of their profession and each equipped with their own set of primaries.


The five specialisations are unique compared to other guild's specialisations, in that they are still considered all part of the same organisation and are governed by the same figure-head. When you join the Thieves' Guild, you are originally a Prowler, and can specialise any time before Guild Level 50.


Muggers are the more violent specialisation, preferring to bash their victims over the head than sneak up from behind, a good choice for newbies and those interested in fighting and stealing.


The Cutpurses are the largest specialisation, due in part to having both dagger and stealing as primaries. Also a good choice for newbies and those interested in both fighting and stealing.


Prowlers are focused on general covert skills and are the specialisation with primaries most similar to those the guild had prior to being split. All thieves are prowlers upon joining the guild.


Safecrackers are the breaking and entering specialists of the guild. This specialisation has a slight drawback as they lack a stealing primary and crack isn't in the game yet, but creators assure us they are working on it[1].


Smugglers specify in the locating and shifting of all those hot items. They make up for their lack of stealing primary with the full range of valuing skills.

Side by side comparison

These eight skills are primaries of every thief specialization:

covert.stealth.inside covert.stealth.outside
covert.hiding.person covert.hiding.object
covert.points fighting.range.thrown

Each specialization has seven additional primaries:

Covert Cutpurse Mugger Prowler Safecracker Smuggler
covert.casing.person Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes No
covert.items.traps No No No Yes No
covert.lockpick.doors Yes Yes Yes Yes No
covert.lockpick.safes No No No Yes No
covert.lockpick.traps No No Yes Yes No
covert.manipulation.palming Yes Yes Yes No Yes
covert.manipulation.passing Yes No Yes Yes Yes
covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand Yes No No Yes No
covert.manipulation.stealing Yes Yes Yes No No
Fighting Cutpurse Mugger Prowler Safecracker Smuggler
fighting.melee.dagger Yes No No No No
fighting.melee.mace No Yes No No No
fighting.melee.sword No Yes No No Yes
People/Adventuring Cutpurse Mugger Prowler Safecracker Smuggler No No No No Yes No No No No Yes
adventuring.evaluating.armour No No No No Yes
adventuring.evaluating.weapons No No No No Yes


Thief-only commands.

* These commands are also shared with assassins too.

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