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The Guild of Thieves, Burglars and Allied Trades is a covert guild based in Ankh-Morpork, although it has branches in Bes Pelargic, Djelibeybi, Genua and Pekan Ford. It is split into five specialisations, each focusing on certain areas of their profession and each equipped with their own set of primaries.


The guild is split into five specialisations: Cutpurse, mugger, prowler, safecracker and smuggler. Each specialisation has a monitor to watch over them and a monitor can issue a sanction on any playerresearch. Above the monitors, there is the Guild Master, who can be voted in during an election. A new Guild Master can also be appointed by the previous one if he or she wishes to. The Guild Master also appoints an Assistant Guild Master. The Guild Master be removed by means of a Vote of no Confidence.

Guild Master Carino
Assistant Guild Master Abhishek
Monitor of Cutpurses WasDrogan
Monitor of Prowlers Asha
Monitor of Safecrackers Spontiff
Monitor of Smugglers Danduin
Monitor of Muggers Grimrak


The five specialisations are unique compared to other guild's specialisation, in that they are still considered all part of the same organisation and are governed by the same figure-head. When you join the Thieves' Guild, you are originally a Prowler, and can specialise any time before Guild Level 50.


Muggers are the more violent specialisation, preferring to bash their victims over the head than sneak up from behind.


The Curpurses are the most elegant members of the Thieves' Guild, often being called "failed assassins" by others (usually other Thieves) due to their similar primaries.


Prowlers are the original Thieves, as it is the specialisation you are given upon joining the guild. It can often be associated with people who simply forgot/couldn't be bothered to specialise.


Safecrackers are the specialisation to join if you want to crack safes. This specialisation has a slight drawback as crack isn't in the game yet, but creators assure us they are working on it[1].


Smugglers specify in the locating and shifting of all those hot items. They make up for their lack of stealing primary with the full range of valuing skills.


Thief-only commands.

* These commands are also shared with assassins too.

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