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Theft Aliases


By default, this alias is designed to search for coins in a number of different containers on killer -1, which will be the playerkiller who first entered the room. Alternatively, if you enter a single argument, it will go after the coins in various containers of the unwitting target you specify. If you enter two arguments, it will filch a specified item from a specified target, and finally if you enter three arguments, it will filch a specified item from a specified container in your specified target's inventory. This is just one of many possible setups for a filch alias, there are many varieties that are useful for different situations. Use this as an example and come up with your own versions for new purposes.

f <thing> <container> <target>
f <thing> <target>
f <target>
f (no argument)
alias f $ifarg3:filch $1$ from $2$ in $3$ $else$ifarg2:filch $1$ from $2$ $else$ifarg1:filch bigcoins2 from $1$;filch bigcoins2 from pack in $1$;filch bigcoins2 from bag in $1$;filch bigcoins2 from belt in $1$;
filch bigcoins2 from satchel in $1$;filch bigcoins2 from sack in $1$;filch bigcoins2 from pouch in $1$ 
$else$ filch bigcoins2 from killer -1;filch bigcoins2 from pack in killer -1;filch bigcoins2 from bag 
in killer -1;filch bigcoins2 from belt in killer -1;filch bigcoins2 from satchel in killer -1;
filch bigcoins2 from sack in killer -1;filch bigcoins2 from pouch in killer -1 $endif$


WARNING: Be careful using this alias in the Guild Hall, and also in the presence of other thief playerkillers, if you're a playerkiller yourself. This alias can and will accidentally target your thiefy brothers and sisters, and this would get you in a lot of crap. Watch where you use it, but it's one of my favourites.

f? <target>
f? (no arguments)

alias f? filch random thing from $arg:random living thing$


This alias will, by default with no arguments, snatch coins from an npc in the room and leave back in the direction you came from. If you add arguments, you can specify the variables of the command.

sch <thing> <target> <direction>
sch <thing> <target>
sch <target>
sch (no arguments)

alias sch $ifarg3:snatch $1$ from $2$ leaving $3$ $else$ifarg2:snatch $1$ from $2$ leaving backward 
$else$ifarg1:snatch coins from $1$ leaving backward $else$ snatch coins from thing -1 leaving backward$endif$endif$endif$

Keep in mind that the alias above should all be on one line. It is broken up here to make it behave in the Wiki.