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Fences Around the Disc

When you have stolen items, you will find you can't sell them back to shops. This is where the Guild fences step in. They are the sort of shifty people you see on the back streets of Ankh-Morpork, dealing with ill gotten goods.

Each fence specialises in their own type of thing, some work with jewellery, some work with clothing and some work with weapons etc. You can still fence anything to any of these, but if they specialise then they can give you a better price. For example, most thieves take their stolen jewellery to Sol because he's the best for jewellery and gives the best return, and the price he gives is based (partly) on the skill

To use a fence, you need to be in the room with them and then "fence <item/s> to <fence>". He or she will then suggest a price to you and you must reply in their language, yes or no. With some of the fences you can also nod at them or shake your head. Guild fences also speak Thieves' cant, but not all fences are guild fences. If you say yes, he or she will take the item/s and give you the promised money. If you say no, the goods will be returned. The price the fence offers you is dependent on the item you're fencing, the fence you use and your skill in the relevant valuing tree, and at times, the fences mood.

Fences also give special prices for items that are in demand by their buyers. You can "list wanted items from <fence>" to find out what they'll pay extra for. Anyone will receive extra for fencing these items to the fence, but only thieves will be given the list if requested.

If you make a mistake and want to retrieve your fenced goods, you can "buy back last items from <fence>". They will charge you an extra 5% for wasting their time however, but it can be useful if you accidentally fence your pack or permalight. However, there is a time limit on this and you can only ever buy back the last thing(s) you fenced, if you fence something else, the previous "last items" will be gone for good.

We also have a launder room in the Ankh-Morpork guild. It's located south of the heavy shop, or west of Nicolette. There is another launder room on the east side of the Genuan guild. You can use the room to remove the stolen "tag" on items. Now, when an item is stolen, the MUD adds a tag to it to show it has been stolen, hence why you see "You cannot sell this item as it's stolen." or some such. It seems to use gold and silver craft skills to modify jewellery, and weapon smithing and armour is applied to weapons and armour, needleworking skills are for clothes, and leatherworking skills are for leather. Gem polishing skills are for the very few gems that you'll find. Aside from removing the stolen tag, the room also ups the price of them item, which is a nice side effect. The downside to all this is you can devalue or totally destroy the item you're working on. So you better have the skills or you can wave bye bye to that ruby ring. The value command can be used in concert with the Launder room quite nicely to gauge the value of an item, and to see if it has been altered previously.

Fencing Command Syntax

fence <items> to <fence>
buy back last items from <fence> (Fences will charge you 5% more than their original offer to buy things back from them.)
list wanted items from <fence>


Some fence locations are very dangerous, like the Tolls Head in the Shades where Jak Ralin hangs out. Remember you can always fence items to any of the fences even if they don't give you the markup given by a specialist.



  • Shifty Jim, Ankh-Morpork Guild: Armour & Clothing
    • This is Shifty Jim, thus called because he has a permanently hunted look in his weasely black eyes. He is a short, wiry man with perpetually greasy long black hair.
  • Sol, Ankh-Morpork Guild (walks around): Jewellery
    • This bald and bitter old man is Sol. Nobody knows if he has a second name although presumably he did once. It's been suggested that he threw it in on the deal he got for his grandmother.
  • Jak Raplin, Trolls Head, The Shades, Ankh-Morpork: Weapons

Bes Pelargic

  • Notorious Jones, BP Guild: Jewellery
    • Jones is a shifty-looking guy who's responsible for checking the goods smuggled into Bes Pelargic and liaising with the fearless smugglers risking life and limb smuggling. Although he works closely with thieves by providing them a cost-effective way to dispose of items, he does not seem to be a thief himself. He is, of course, working under an assumed name.


  • Scrakkik, DJB Guild: Armour & Clothing
    • This is Scrakkik, a man who has made a career in Commerce. Dealing as he does in goods from all over the Disc, he is the go-to guy when someone needs to get rid of something quickly. Despite his more-or-less average appearance, he still tends to hide away from the authorities for the sake of his clientele.


  • Elusive Adriano, Ephebe guild: Weapons
    • A darkened complexion and deep set eyes frame a face that carries the wear and tear of a life lived in the fast lane. His wiry black hair falls to his lithe shoulders and his long fingers are continually moving. He is renowned for his explosive speed and dogged determination to never be caught, and has worked his way up to his current position through cunning and a high attention to detail.
  • Klepton the Fixer, Dead-end of Ponder Alley: Jewellery
    • This is Klepton, a man who has made a career in Commerce. Dealing as he does in goods from all over the Disc, he is the go-to guy when someone needs to get rid of something quickly. Despite his more-or-less average appearance, he still tends to hide away from the authorities for the sake of his clientele.


  • Aristide Felon, Genua: Weapons
    • Aristide Felon, one of the less savoury members of the Genuan populace, is a short, grimy looking person who exudes an aura of confident greasy charm, known for his buying and selling of items aquired through less socially acceptably means. His hair has been slicked back tightly with some strange smelling mixture, and his narrow, wrinkled face sports a sly, oily smile. One of his legs seems to have a limp in it, although he can't seem to decide which one.
  • Mariana, Genua Thieves Guild: Armour & Clothing
    • The lovely Mariania is beautiful, dark and mysterious, with long brown flowing hair and a golden tan. She has many suitors, but her heart belongs to one thing and one thing only - other people's possessions. When she smiles, it's because of the items touching her palm, not the person in front of her.

Mad Stoat

  • Dodgy Bill, Mad Stoat: Weapons
    • This is Dodgy Bill, who isn't really that dodgy looking at all, but whose name stems from his brother in far off Ankh-Morpork.

Pekan Ford

  • Tiffany Glitter: Armour/Clothes
    • A retired seamstress well into her middle years, Tiffany has since found work with the Thieves' Guild. She still clings to the remnants of her old profession though; unfortunately, the clothes only show off her flabby arms, rolls of ageing fat at her hips, and veins running up her lower legs. She still has that charming smile, however, complete with buck teeth and a toss of greasy, badly-dyed blonde hair.

Sto Lat

  • Ragman, Sto Lat: Gems & Pearls
    • This disgusting creature's eyes peek out from grimy rags and equally grimy skin. He is old, with greasy, matted grey hair and wrinkles in his dirt-encrusted skin. He makes a living by buying and selling rubbish and other things found in the streets... or by other non-standard means.