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Safecracking is an interesting hobby, and the purview of the safecrackers specilisation. The crack command is only available to thieves who have 90+ levels of covert.lockpick.safes. A set of cracking tools is needed to crack a safe. Other tools may also be required. There are different types of safes out there and they are generally hidden. Ankh-Morpork is unique in the fact that many of them are not hidden at all.

Some of the tools required include: a small mirror, drill, rubber gloves. crowbar, and a hefty hammer.

The tumbler dial safe is one of the hardest puzzle types. Many people get stuck because they aren't correctly visualizing the device. It's essentially a master lock except with 100 ticks instead of 40. The key thing is, suppose the dial is at the number 5, and you turn the dial 1 degree clockwise -- what number is the dial at now?

Anyway, here is a set of aliases that can help to crack a tumbler dial safe.

alias dc: turn dial clockwise to
alias dcc: turn dial anticlockwise to
alias dtest: dc 0;frimble Tumbler Safe Cracking;dcc 20;dcc 40;frimble 0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9;dcc 60;dcc 80;dcc 0
alias dtry: dc $1$;dcc $2$;dc $3$;dcc $1$;dc $2$;dcc $3$;dc $1$;dcc $3$;dc $2$;dcc $1$;dc $3$;dcc $2$;dc $1$;open safe

The following is a list of known safe locations. Only general locations are provided, not specific instructions. It may still be difficult to locate the actual safe.

The covert.lockpick.safes bonus required to crack the safe is also given, if known. Note: in some cases, this is not the only skill required!

Lastly, it's a certainty that many safes have not yet been discovered. If you believe you've found one that is unrecorded, please contribute!

Location Region Type Bonus Contents
Guild of Embalmers DJB item: drill low
Foreign Ambassador DJB combination 300
House in East DJB DJB item: fire 300
Fez Club DJB item: hammer 380
Embassy DJB tumbler stuff
Mansion DJB combination 380 sapphire-hilted sword
Citadel Ephebe combination 30 $
Foreign legion Klatch tumbler low
All Jolsons AM item: gloves low
Pseudopolis watch house (first floor) AM item: mirror low
Pseudopolis watch house (second floor) AM panel 55 $
Store on Grunefair AM item: drill low
Bruno's house AM item: mirror low
Patrician's Palace AM item: gloves low
Patrician's Palace AM item: drill low
Wine warehouse AM item: drill low
House near Myrtle St AM item: fire low
Milords & Miladies AM item: hammer 250
Haunted Mansion AM item: drill 320
Map shop AM panel 30 $
Banker's Guild AM combination 345 84 $
Money changer AM tumbler 350
Apex Club AM item: gloves 386 stuff
AM Council AM tumbler 425 40 $
Art museum AM tumbler 450 stuff
Shipwreck AM item: gloves 20 $
Place on Hill Street Sto Lat item: fire low
Place on Park Lane Sto Lat item: crowbar low
Store on Queen's Road Sto Lat item: drill low 20 $
Jewellery store Sto Lat panel 350
Thieves Guild Ramtops item: crowbar low
Store in Bad Ass Ramtops item: mirror low
Drink spot in Ohulan Cutash Ramtops item: mirror low
Captain's treasure Ramtops panel >300 stuff
House in Lancre Ramtops tumbler 385 10 LC
Lodge in Lancre Ramtops item: hammer
Escrow town hall Uberwald combination 430 stuff
Cat's tail BP item: mirror low
Intruders BP item: drill low
Real estate office BP item: mirror low boxing ring
Sake shop BP combination low (req. some stuff
A pagoda BP tumbler 300
House in Hong Fa BP panel >300 45 rh
Cafe in Shoo-Li BP tumbler 330 (req. rope climbing)
A restaurant BP panel 340 (req. tree climbing) 50 rh
Store on Long Street BP combination <350 (req. rock climbing) 63 rh
Store on Sion Street BP tumbler 380 39 rh
First Imperial Bank BP combination 450 (req. many other skills) steel shoto
Clacks Tower Genua panel low
Library Genua panel stuff
General's safe Genua panel
House money Genua tumbler 450 1 Gd
Horse money Genua item: drill