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A wooden box, probably stolen from the docks.
It appears to have something written on it.
It is in excellent condition.
The wooden box is about ____ full with _____.
It is open.

Read Box

You read the wooden box:
Written in big letters:
Donate a stolen good or two to Ludd's Lads and Lasses and help out a fellow thief in need.

Guidelines for taking

Although thieves are notorious for taking everything that is not nailed down.. we also have a high ethic of honor amongst thieves. We do not steal from fellow thieves.

The items that are put into this box are generally meant to be useful for the new thief. Please do not just take everything out to fence it all.

If you need help raising cash to advance skills, many older thieves will be happy to play 'hunt the oldbie' in the guild. When you find them they might even make a donation to your pockets.

Suggested Donations

Unlike some guilds, the newbie box in our guild has a very limited capacity for items. Please do not fill it with random junk but with items that will truly help the new thief. Please do not put in torches. Torches take up a lot of weight space and can be found all over our guild.

  • yellow ring or bamboo necklace (light source that uses gp while worn)
  • silver needle and heavy duty needle (for mending clothes)
  • spools (cotton for cloth and sinew for leather)
  • packs & satchels (carry stuff)
  • cloak (stay warm)
  • towel (dry off when wet, wear when really cold)
  • sheath boots (sheathes knives and daggers)
  • garter with slender knife (even non-dagger users need a knife to cut things)
  • keyring necklace
  • lockpick
  • oil can & oilstone (for sharpening weapons on the fly)
  • safe cracking tools (safes)
  • crowbar (safes)
  • drill (safes)
  • rubber gloves (safes)
  • hammer (safes)
  • mirror (safes)
  • obble (for guild games)
  • crayon (for writing on friends and shearers)
  • pen or quill (writing implement)
  • roll of labels (label everything you own that is important to you)
  • climbing gloves and climbing shoes