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Here are some iconographs taken by Danduin, Agustus and Willoughby in our travels around the Disc.

Interesting Sights

  • east of Ephebe in the Circle Sea: This is a beautiful colour picture of a craggy peak. It shows: The sharp, damp rocks of this craggy island are dark and foreboding. The rough winds have done nothing to soften the harsh environment here, or the rest of the island which stretches out to the north and west. Here by the peak of the island, a small plateau lies at the entryway to a dank looking cave. Agustus, the shearer and Danduin von Brassbridge are standing here.

  • This is a beautiful colour picture of the Ephebian desert. It shows: This is the Ephebian desert. Overhead, the purple-blue sky hangs like a heavy curtain. Willoughby, the shearer and Danduin von Brassbridge are standing here. The corpse of a desert lion is on the ground.

  • This is a beautiful colour picture of some mountains. It shows: The steep rockiness of the area around suggests that these are some mountains. Mountainous terrain extends to the north, east, south, west, northeast, southwest, southeast and northwest. One hundred and fifty miles to the south stand the Betrush Mountains. A short-horned barbary sheep, an impressive barbary ram, a woolly barbary sheep, a young barbary sheep, a hard-headed barbary ram are grazing and Agustus the shearer and Danduin von Brassbridge are standing here.

  • This is a beautiful colour picture of just inside the gates of Calh-Nhad. It shows: Just inside the gates of Calh-Nhad this street is clean and well maintained. A blockade entirely blocks the way through to the east and into the village itself; a sign has been mounted on the blockade. Towering up above the village, mountains can be seen very close by to the north, and a little further away across the lake to the south. Agustus and Willoughby the sheep shearers, Danduin von Brassbridge and SMOC Dihbl are standing here. A wooden sign is nailed to the blockade. Written in Ephebian: This village has been quarantined until further notice.

  • This is a beautiful colour picture of a swamp. It shows: Channels of thick murky water wind their way around the large trunks of old mangrove and cypress trees. Between the magnificent trees, shrubs and grasses fight each other for ground solid enough to spread their ample roots into. Danduin von Brassbridge and Agustus the shearer are sitting on the corpse of a bellicose crocodile.

  • This is a beautiful colour picture of a seashore. It shows: The dark masses of fallen boulders and rocks squat menacingly here, huddled between the surrounding land and the ocean. The jagged outlines of driftwood thrust upwards from between the rocks and the air is thick with the tang of the ocean and slowly decomposing seaweed. The Great Wall of the Agatean Empire towers to the north, east, northeast and northwest. Willoughby the shearer and Danduin von Brassbridge are standing here.

  • This is a beautiful colour picture of a seashore. It shows: Dark boulders mark the landscape here, darker shapes lurking among the large pebbles which make up this beach. The water is distinguishable from the beach only by the gentle movement of the dark waves, the water rolling up the beach almost soothing in it's regularity. The Great Wall of the Agatean Empire towers to the north, east, northeast, southeast and northwest.
    A green crab is scuttling around and Agustus the shearer and Danduin von Brassbridge are standing here.
    A sunken roof is on the ground.

  • This is a beautiful colour picture of a water pasture. It shows: Long, sturdy reeds, as well as shorter-bladed lush grasses are managing to thrive here. It is barely possible to see the ground in this area it is so densely carpeted with lush greenery. Some of the plants look as though they have been trampled upon. The river Djel to the north and northeast and water pastures are to the east, south, west, southwest, southeast and northwest. Ten miles to the east lies the necropolis of Djelibeybi. Danduin von Brassbridge and a calm crocodile are standing here.

  • Fauna of the Disc

  • The catfish is an interesting fish. It has a long flat head and a large jaw. Attached to its upper lip are two long barbuels that stretch back across its scaleless body. Instead of scales it is lined with a protective mucus that prevents the water from exploding it.

  • The bream is the hunchback of the fish world. Despite looking like a dustbin lid, bream tend to enjoy a happy existence. Their under-slung mouths are ideal for sifting through mud and finding tasty morsels. Besides, the lack of mirrors prevents it from knowing how ridiculous it looks.

  • This immense creature has the honour of being one of the largest creatures to inhabit the Disc, apart from the Great A'Tuin himself (or herself as the case may be) and the elephants on which the Disc sits. This whale looks quite content drifting about the seas, swallowing any small fish or microorganisms that happen to come his way, and largely ignoring more sizable creatures, such as humans.

  • The sea bass, as its name suggests, is a pretty common type of fish in the seas. He tries his best to look as fishy as possible, being rather long, slim, and scaly. Hopefully he won't be unlucky enough to be eaten by one of the ocean's larger inhabitants.

  • Blowfish are amongst the deadliest creatures on the Disc and this large blowfish is no exception. A popular delicacy in restaurants, they have the ability to expand to thousands of times their original size when threatened, which is usually both loud and messy.
    It is in good shape.

  • A killer whale, this sizable creature lumbers about the seas, in search of edible creatures. Black in colour with bits of white, and almost ten feet in length, she appears to be in search of food, be it small fish or a human who happens to be exploring the depths.

  • This is a huge tuna fish. It swims around with a placid look on its face. Looking into its eyes you sense that this little fellow has a deep, unspoken knowledge of life, the universe and everything...or maybe its just awoke from a nightmare about pasta salad.

  • This is a miserable looking trout. Not graced with the colourful scales of its rainbow brethren, this fish has to make do with its drab grey scales, large bulging eyes and downturned mouth. The look in its eye is almost pleading for a local fisherman to put it out of its misery.

  • This is a rust-coloured seahorse. The seahorse is an enchanting member of the pipefish family that looks more like a chess piece than a fish. It swims upright and avoids predators by mimicking the color of underwater plants. Hovering in the water, its dorsal fin beating rapidly to keep it in place, the seahorse is a graceful inhabitant of the Disc's seas. It uses its flexible tail to hold itself to sea grass or coral strands.

  • Flora of the Disc