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Setting Up Your Kit

You start off the game with very little, the stuff you may have purchased in Pumpkin Town and a couple bob. The money you have will not go too far on the Discworld.

Fortunately we have the newbie box, just for you. If you head west from the entrance (the room with the statue of Mazda) you will eventually pass by some guards who let you pass because you know the password. Go west until you reach the kitchen, then head up the stairs and go sw. The box will be on the floor. Take what you need. Warm clothing a weapon or two and a yellow stone ring are all good ideas.

Please remember this box when you are a little older. donations are always welcome

Now then let's talk a little bit about some of the gear for starting out.


The following list is by no means comprehensive. It is simply a list of weapons that match the following criteria: They are easy to find, they do not cost a fortune, and there is very little learning curve.



  • Stiletto/Elegant Stiletto
    • Fast and lightweight
    • Piercing damage only
    • Often found in the newbie box or by asking on (Thieves)
  • Stiles Mostly found in Ephebe
    • Fast and lightweight
    • piercing damage only

Flails & Maces

  • Crowbar
    • Very fast
    • Decent damage
    • Requires decent (16+) strength to be effective


  • rapier
    • Extremely fast
    • Quite high damage
    • Light weight
    • Excellent parrying blade
  • bastard sword
    • Somewhat quick
    • Good parrying blade
    • A bit lower damage than other swords


When starting, clothing is an important consideration. Heavier clothing/armour offer greater physical protection from attack than lighter clothes/armour. But heavier clothes/armour are more cumbersome and will make your movements slower and attacks harder to land on enemies. For new players protection is often more important than movement and it is recommended that newbies use more protective clothing until they have raised skills such as fighting.defence.dodging or fighting.defence.parry.


Yellow Stone Rings

It gets dark at night on the Discworld and let's face it torches are just not going to cut it. What's a new thief to do rather than stumble around in the dark? There are many devices out there to provide light but the best, for new thieves, has to be the yellow stone ring. the newbie box should have some in it, if not ask on the talker and one should be found for you pretty quickly (no sense in actually paying for one).

This ring will provide light for you at the cost of a little GP now an then, it is a trade-off. It sure beats walking off a cliff in Lancre somewhere. At some point the light will probably wink out, not to worry, simply remove the ring, wait a short moment, and wear it again,