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Thieves Guild Related Clubs

There are clubs that have been set up for each specialization as well as a club for the guild administration and their enforcers.


Guild Admin and Enforcers

Rogues is a secret club comprised of the current guild administration and their secret appointees who help them with PK matters. The club founder was Kreed.


Founded by former guild master Dare, one can only assume the Rogues was not enough to contain the enforcers.

Fantasmas de la Noche


Fantasmas de la Noche was founded by Carino to be the club for all Prowlers. If you are committed to remaining a Prowler for all your days, finger fantasmas_de_la_noche to learn who the current recruiters are.

Where did they go?

There used to be a club for each spec. It is beginning to look like all but the admin and prowler spec clubs have died out.





Locksmiths was founded by Spontiff after the previous safecracker club had disbanded. It is not currently known if the club is still active after crack was reintroduced but finger locksmiths might find an active recruiter.