The Assassins' Guild Library

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The Assassins' Guild Library

The library

The Conlegium Sicariorum (Ankh-Morpork Assassins) library acts as a repository for player made books. Any player, assassin or not, who has written and copyrighted a book may submit it to the library, where it can be read by other players. The library can be reached by going all the way South from the guild gates, up one flight of stairs, two rooms North and then East. Books cannot be removed from the library. All books in the library are given a six digit identification code upon the librarian adding it to the collection.

Reading books

To read a book in the library you first have to find which one you want to read. You can do this by using the 'find' command or by reading the sign in the library. The sign will give you the complete list of books contained in the library whereas the various syntaxes of the find command will let you search for books with particular keywords, authors, titles or codes.

find books with keyword <keyword> 
find books by <author> 
find books called <title> 
find books with code  
find book with code <code>

Upon choosing a book you can request it using it's code, at which time it will be put on the table for you to pick up and read. Books with the code gld are essential to an assassins education and are therefore permanently on display for reading. Any books with a code beginning r1, r2, r3, or r4 are restricted to assassins only and are the only books that can't be read by all players.

> request book lanan5
You request a book from the shelves. 
> Miss Gwendolyn Paige wanders between the shelves for a while and returns 
holding a book. 
Miss Gwendolyn Paige puts the book on the table. 
Miss Gwendolyn Paige says: There you go, Riannon.  Don't take it out of the 
get book from table
You get a closed yellow book from the large table.

Once you have finished the book you can 'return book' to have it placed back on the shelves for you. It will also be taken and placed back on the shelves if you try to leave with the book in your possession.

> return book
You return a book for reshelving. 
Almost simultaneously, an assistant librarian picks it up and heads between the 

Submitting a book

In order to submit a book to the library you must first go to a publisher. After the book is published and copyrighted you may then submit it to the library. Books must be copyrighted and can only be submitted by the person who copyrights it. After it is submitted it will be viewed by the librarian, who will then approve or reject the book. While the book is waiting for approval you can use the 'retrieve' command to take it back if you wish. Books rejected at this stage will be mailed back to their owners.

Approving books

Books submitted to the library are stored in the submissions box until the librarian can read them and decide to approve or reject them. When the book in question has met with approval the librarian will then enter it into the library under a new code. At this point a new cover will be added to the book, so anything written on the original cover will no longer be visible. As well as a code, the librarian is also likely to use their commands to add some keywords to aid in searching the catalogue and a short description.

list codes 
list keywords 
list submissions 
clear submission by <player> 
reject <book> 
add <book> titled <title> as  with <colour> cover [to library] 
remove book <code> from library 
add <keyword> as keyword for book <code> 
remove <keyword> as keyword for book <code> 
change title of book <code> to <title> 
change code of book <code> to <new code> 
edit description for book <code> 
delete description for book <code>

Book codes

The library uses a six digit alphanumeric coding system, currently based on three main formats:

Gldnnn format

Books with codes prefixed gld and then followed by three numbers have been coded directly into the game. These books contain information needed to function in the guild, such as guides for The Run, postgraduate degrees etc.

Xxxyyn format

The majority of books in the library are formatted with codes beginning with five letters, followed by a number. The first three letters of this code refers to the general subject of the book eg. his for history or mus for music. The next two letters are the first two letters of the authors name. Under this system however, Riannon and Rizinsun will have the same code for the forth and fifth letters of the code. While this isn't a real problem, if necessary you can find books by their author using the catalogue. The last digit of the code is just a count, incremented by each new book written by a particular author.

Rnxxnn format

Books coded with the letter 'r' followed by a number, two letters and then two numbers are restricted to assassins only. The 'r' and the following number are the restriction level code, after that comes a two digit author code and a two digit incrementing count. This count has been raised to two digits to make the code the correct length and to make it as consistent as possible with the main format. The restriction codes work thusly: r1 books are unavailable to anyone who isn't an assassin belonging to any of the branches. To read an r2 book, the assassin in question must be able to close contracts. With r3 books the assassin will need to be at least guild level 300. r4 books are restricted to guild admin only. To summarize, all 'rn' rated books can not be read by anyone who doesn't belong to the Assassins' Guild.


Here is a list of the current keywords that can be used with the 'find' command:

list keywords
The current keywords being used are advice, agatean, alias, alumni, animals, 
applied pathology, assassination, assassins, assassins' guild, beasts, 
bestiary, biography, black widow, bloat, blowfish, bomb, cocktail, cocktails, 
conlegium sicariorum, contract, contracts, course, courses, covert, culture, 
dance and deportment, djelian, dragons, drink, drinks, ephebian, equipment, 
fashion, fiction, fish, gasbomb, griffin, guide, guild, guild master, guild 
mistress, health, heels, help, herbs, history, igor, influence, influential, 
inhume, inhuming, instruments, item, items, jewellery, john lawn, jpct, 
kitiana, klatchian, labs, languages, lecturing, ma, magic, magical, mcbing, 
mdd, medicine, mm, mmap, morporkian, mould, music, organology, people, plants, 
poison, poisons, portal, post-grad, post-graduate, primer, professor, 
professors, reference, run, sea, skills, sleffie, smokebomb, solvent, solvents, 
speedwalk, swimming, teaching, textbook, traditions, uberwaldean, vetinari, 
weapon, weapons, who's who and yearbook.