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*[[Poisoned apple]]
*[[Poisoned apple]]
*[[Sources of fruit]]

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Command information
GP Cost 20 + 20 per target
Learnt At Level 25 in magic.items.held
Skills Used magic.methods.mental.charming
Items Needed Fruit, basket (optional)
Guild Witches' Guild

Tempt is a PK-checked[1], witch-only command that causes its victim to take and eat a piece of fruit offered by a witch.


This command is learned at level 25 in magic.items.held.

Performing the command

To perform this command, a witch must designate a piece of fruit, and perform the command on a living target. Performing this target costs 20 GP for the attempt, plus 20 GP for each target.

In order to be successful:

Witches can use this command with fruit in a basket, in which case the strength of their temptation is increased.


When tempt is used successfully, the victim will take the designated fruit from the witch and start eating it. They will continue to eat it for a length of time probably dependent on the witch's magic.methods.mental.cursing bonusresearch. During this time, the victim is not able to put down the fruit or otherwise get rid of it, nor are they able to stop themself from eating it.

If the witch is attempting to tempt with a poisoned fruit, then the victim may or may not realise that the witch was the one who poisoned them. Targets who realise this become hostile towards the witch once they start suffering from the effects of the poison.

It is not possible to tempt a target who is currently in combat.

Resisting temptation

There are various ways to avoid being tempted:

Common usage

Tempt is commonly used to:


tempt <living> with <object> {in|from} <basket> by posing as <string> [while] speaking <language>
tempt <living> with <object> by posing as <string> [while] speaking <language>
tempt <living> with <object> {in|from} <basket> by posing as <string>
tempt <living> with <object> by posing as <string>
tempt <living> with <object> {in|from} <basket> [while] speaking <language>
tempt <living> with <object> [while] speaking <language>
tempt <living> with <object> {in|from} <basket>
tempt <living> with <object>

See also


  1. Only poisoned fruit is pk-checked; npks may tempt other players with non-poisoned fruit.

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