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This template encapsulates {{Infobox weapon}} with the parameters found in it so that those arguments become available to be transcluded through {{Weapon line}} when the page is included in the weapons table pages.

It is also necessary to put it inside onlyinclude tags to prevent the rest of the page from being included.

Transcluded from Example_weapon_page:

You can copy the following code and put values in it and selecting the type and ranged-type from the choices.

See {{itemdb}} for info on the item database, {{Judge-str}} for how to fill those judge lines with your strength and see {{Infobox weapon}} for the other parameters. For multiple infoboxes for the same item see {{Multiinfobox}}.

 | Weight = 
 | Commands = 
 | Hands = 
 | Tape-length = 
 | Tape-width = 
 | Material = 
 | Type = Axe/Dagger/Flail/Heavy-sword/Mace/Misc/Polearm/Sword/None
 | Ranged-type = Thrown/Fired
 | Thrown = 
 | Comment = 
 | pagetype={{{pagetype|}}}
 | Judge-speed = 
 | Judge-max = 
 | Judge-ave = 

==Long Description==

==Appraises As==