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For a discussion on shield mechanics, see Block and Armour.
For the page on magic shields, see Shields.

This page presents the information available on holdable shield objects.

For the list of pages about shields see Category:Shields.

Shields are used in the Discworld MUD to actively block attacks (when held) and to passively protect like armour at the same time. They are also floaters used with the wizard spell Endorphin's Floating Friend.

The bigger the shield is the more areas it will cover and thus protect passively like armour but it will be heavier.

The better the material is the more damage it will absorb. The better materials tend to weigh more than worse ones, making very good shields increase burden alarmingly. See Ug Ogg to see how material and weight are related to protection for custom armours (this should be indicative of normal items too).

The learnable Vurdere command can be used to assess the quality of a shield (judge is used for weapons).

Shields can be obtained from shops or from NPCs. Custom shields can also be ordered from Ug Ogg. See Ug Ogg Shields.

There are three custom shield types which have identical characteristics: buckler[1], aegis shield[2] and wall shield (only available in large size).

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  1. The custom buckler is the same and includes the following custom shields: buckler / diamond shield / targe shield / circle shield / disc shield / round shield / two star shield / square shield / shield (without any qualifier)
  2. The custom aegis shield is the same and includes the following custom shields: aegis shield / kite shield / teardrop shield / oval shield / heater shield / three star shield / rectangular shield / scutum shield / tower shield