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Skills: 60 agatean.spoken Skills: agatean.written near max - confirmed at level 83 Skills: 180+ bonus in crafts.arts.calligraphy. Items: pieces of paper to write on (chapbook pages, odds and ends on east side of Plaza of Broken Moons). Go to the Salt Shaker on the southeast end of Upper Broadway, near the Pepper Pot. In the ground level flat is a family of Agateans. The children have the Agatean words for the numbers one through ten as names. While speaking Agatean, say the corresponding number to four different children (ie - "sayto ichi one"). The fourth child should then ask you (in Agatean) to write his or her name. Write the word for that number (ie - "one", without quotes) in Agatean on a piece of paper using the calligraphy brush and inkwell from the bedroom to the north. If the calligraphy is neat ("simple", "neat", etc) enough, give the paper to the child to get the quest. Failing the written or calligraphy skill check may both display the same failure message.

Ichi - one Ni - two San - three Shi - four Go - five Roku - six Nana - seven Hachi - eight Kyuu - nine Zyuu - ten

You can simply say different numbers to each child until you get it right. The first three children may or may not let you know when you have gotten their names right; there is no penalty for continuing to say numbers to the child, though.