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Filing cabinet.gif This is an archive of content that has been removed from the MUD.
Do not edit the contents of this page without good reason.



This template is meant to alert users that a page is a historical reference and does not contain information currently relevant to the MUD. It should go at the top of the deprecated content page and will add the page to the "Archives" category.

The default for this template is to act as though the content has been removed from the MUD with no replacement. No further parameters are necessary in that case.

If the archived content has been replaced, the first parameter should say so. The template will then display a link to the most up to date information.


  1. Status. Acceptable values are replaced and removed. Leaving this parameter blank or entering an undefined value defaults to removed.
  2. Current Page Name. This parameter only comes into play if the page status is replaced. Leaving this parameter blank defaults to trying to find a parent page. If the related page you wish to reference is not the parent, this value should be the page name.