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Links to the newspaper pages on the mud website. You'll be asked to login and you need to have purchased the edition on the mud with the character you logged in.


  • paper: the paper name, if empty link to the newspaper page, it accepts various permutations in any case with or without spaces:
    • am, AMD, daily, AM Daily, the AM Daily
    • bp, tgs, cwc, slab, green, GreenSlab, the Green Slab
  • edition: the edition number, if empty link to the paper
  • article: the article number, if empty link to the edition


  • Newspaper link: {{Newspaper}}: [2]
  • Paper link: {{Newspaper|paper=amd}}: [3]
  • Edition link: {{Newspaper|paper=amd|edition=1}}: [4]
  • Article with name: {{Newspaper|paper=amd|edition=1|article=0|name=Fluffy animal}}: Fluffy animal