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(Shorthand for Kefka's itemdb for items in a npc)
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{{#iferror: {{#expr: abs {{{1|}}} * 5 }}|{{{1|}}}|[http://daftjunk.com/dw/items/index.php?npc={{{1|}}} {{{2|}}}]}}<noinclude>{{documentation}}[[Category:Link templates]]</noinclude>
{{#iferror: {{#expr: abs {{{1|}}} * 5 }}|{{{1|}}}|[http://dw.daftjunk.com/items/index.php?npc={{{1|}}} {{{2|}}}]}}<noinclude>{{documentation}}[[Category:Link templates]]</noinclude>

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The template is used for creating direct links to items in Kefka's item database. It takes two parameters, the first one being the ID of the npc ID from the URL, and the second one being the word or expression visible to the reader.

{{Itemdbnpc|819|Ilik Tanikalot}} would result in this link: Ilik Tanikalot