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Infonav skill
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Infonav skill
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Discworld Skills


This template provides information and navigation for a skill.


  • con: The skill's constitution weighting.
  • dex: The skill's desterity weighting.
  • int: The skill's intelligence weighting.
  • str: The skill's strength weighting.
  • wis: The skill's wisdom weighting.
  • shortform (optional): The abbreviated form of this skill. If unspecified, the template will work out the conventional name from the name of the skill. This parameter should be used where the form is ambiguous (for example, between magic.methods.mental.charming and magic.methods.mental.channeling).

Skill branches

When filling out a skill branch, this template can be provided with the child skills of the branch as follows:

  • childlevel: The level of the tree the children are at. For example, 'magic.methods' has children at level 3, 'magic.methods.physical' has children at level 4.
  • child1, child2, childn...: The names of the child skills. You should only provide the leaf name - for example, if you're editing 'magic.methods.mental', then set 'child1=channeling' to add channeling. This template currently supports up to 12 children per entry.