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(use realweight if available of thaums (a polearm containing a blade is heavier, but only the polearm is enchanted and has limits like the lighter item without the blade))
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| colspan=2 | '''Thaums/sec'''
| colspan=2 | '''Thaums/sec'''
| colspan=2 | {{Halfthaums|{{{Weight|}}}}} stable / {{Percent thaums|{{{Weight|}}}|0.65}} talisman / {{Maxthaums|{{{Weight}}}}} max
| colspan=2 | {{Halfthaums|{{{Realweight|{{{Weight|}}}}}}}} stable / {{Percent thaums|{{{Realweight|{{{Weight|}}}}}}|0.65}} talisman / {{Maxthaums|{{{Realweight|{{{Weight}}}}}}}} max
| colspan=2 | '''Hands'''
| colspan=2 | '''Hands'''

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Infobox weapon
Weapon information
Precise dimensions No information
Material No information
Weight No information
Thaums/sec  ? stable / ? talisman / ? max
Hands No information
Commands No information
Melee type No information
Judge data
No melee judge information



{{Infobox weapon}} is used to gather and display data for weapons.


  • Weight: The weight of the weapon in the form "4 3/9". No lb, lbs or anything else please.
  • Commands: Links to the special fighting commands (eg. behead, pierce, etc.) that can be used with this weapon.
  • Hands: In how many hands this weapon is held by default.
  • Tape-length: The length revealed by a measuring tape in the form "4 3/12". No units please.
  • Tape-width: The width revealed by a measuring tape in the form "4 3/12". No units please.
  • Material: The material the weapon is made of as revealed by appraise.
  • Type: Which fighting.melee subskill is used for this weapon. One of Axe, Dagger, Flail, Heavy-sword, Mace, Misc, Polearm, Sword or None if it's not a melee weapon. This must not be a link just the text.
  • Ranged-type: Which fighting.range subskill is used for this weapon. One of thrown or fired. This must not be a link just the text. If it's not a ranged weapon don't put this parameter.
  • Comment: Something you want to add, displayed at the end of the infobox.

Judge Parameters

For some judge data the result varies with strength, for those you need to append the strength judged with.

  • Judge-overall-9 up to Judge-overall-23: The overall judge rating for that strength.
  • Judge-attack-9 up to Judge-attack-23: The 'ease of attack' judge rating for that strength.
  • Judge-parry-9 up to Judge-parry-23: The 'ease of parry' judge rating for that strength.
  • Judge-speed: The 'weapon speed' judge rating.
  • Judge-max: The 'maximum damage' judge rating.
  • Judge-ave: The 'average damage' judge rating.
The judge ratings above are optional; they must only be given if all are known from a single judge for a given strength. More specifically, you need to have a JIR high enough for it to be completely reliable. See Research:Judge for more details.