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{{Infobox terrain
 | areas = 
 | map = 
 | names = 
 | aggressive = 
 | pursuing = 
 | environment = 
 | harvests = 

Areas are the general areas you find this type of terrain--Klatch, the Sto Plains, Ramptops, Uberwald, CWC, etc.

Map is the terrain type's symbol as seen with the map command.

Names are the names the terrain goes by. This includes the short description of the room as seen with glance, the name of the room on the map, and any names the room is referred to by in nearby rooms (as the long description of a terrain room will mention other terrains that are nearby).

Aggressive is a brief list of aggressive or potentially aggressive npcs, or none.

Pursuing is a brief list of npcs which pursue, or none.

Environment is a brief list of any dangerous non-npc features of the terrain, such as extreme cold.

Harvests are any items you can gather or pick up in the terrain. They may be seasonal or only be available in some rooms.