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Infobox ritual
Ritual information
Nickname ?
Granted to followers of None
GP cost  ?
Components  ?
Required powers  ?
Learned At  ?
Skills  ?
Resisted By  ?
Angers?  ?
Type  ?
Steps  ?
Targets  ?
Description  ?
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help



An example:

{{Infobox ritual
 |name = Cure Light Wounds
 |nickname = 
 |Pishe = y
 |Gufnork = y
 |Gapp = y
 |Sandelfon = y
 |Fish = y
 |Hat = y
 |Sek = y
 |followers = Gufnork
 |type = heal
 |steps = 2
 |targets = others, self 
 |desc = Heals only the lightest of wounds.
 |learntat = 1 level [[faith]] (3 levels for Hat and Sek)
 |skills = [[faith.rituals.curing.self]], [[faith.rituals.curing.target|target]]
 |gp = 20
 |GP extra = 
 |components = [[holy symbol]]
 |movement = y
 |sight = 
 |speech = y
 |nopowers = 
 |resisted = n
 |angers = n
 |notes = 
"Type" is a special field. It must be one of: 'misc', 'off', 'def', 'heal'. It will be expanded out in the ritual page, and will add the ritual to the appropriate category. The presence of this template on a ritual page also automatically adds the ritual to Category:Rituals. A 'y' after a god name lists that god as a deity that grants the ritual. A 'y' after movement, sight, speech or nopowers will list them correctly under Required powers.