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<onlyinclude>{{Infobox instrument
 | type = 
 | tuneable = 
 | mallet = 
 | position = 
 | size = 
 | weight = 
 | material = 
 | other = 

Type is the instrument type: keyboard, percussion, string, wind, mallet

Tuneable (yes/no) indicates if the instrument can be tuned

Mallet indicates if and what type of mallet (or pick, etc.) is needed to play instrument

Position indicates where the instrument must be to be played: held; in inventory, but not held; on ground

Size is the appraised/measured size of instrument

Weight is the appraised/measured wight of instrument (no need to add 'lbs')

Material is the appraised material

Other is any other information, such as if instrument is a weapon or furniture