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(link to player shop, otherwise shops are dead-end pages)
(includeonly Category:Player shops)
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|{{#if:{{{Updated}}}|{{{Updated}}}|{{Shop details needed}}}}
|{{#if:{{{Updated}}}|{{{Updated}}}|{{Shop details needed}}}}
|}<noinclude>[[Category:Infoboxes]]<br style="clear:both;" />
|}<includeonly>[[Category:Player shops]]</includeonly><noinclude>[[Category:Infoboxes]]<br style="clear:both;" />

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Player shops information
City {{{City}}}
Name {{{Name}}}
Location Infobox Playershop, {{{Location}}}
Owner {{{Owner}}}
Managers {{{Managers}}}
Helpers {{{Helpers}}}
Bank counter {{{Countersize}}} {{{Bank}}} counter, {{{Rate}}}
Other amenities {{{Amenities}}}
Size (square yards) {{{Size}}}
Updated {{{Updated}}}