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  This template is for use in the Container table for dry containers. When used, it takes up the weight, capacity in pounds, capacity in number of items, and all three ratio columns.

The first argument is the container's weight in pounds.

The second argument is the container's capacity in pounds, which may be gotten from appraise or figured out by adding items of known weights to the container until the container cannot hold any more weight (but could hold more items).

The third and final argument is the container's capacity in number of items. This can be gotten from appraise, or figured out by adding lightweight items to the container until it cannot hold any more items (but could hold more weight).

Any arguments may be bolded, or not, to indicate whether the number is precise or approximate.

For example, if you appraised an item and found that it could hold about twenty pounds or about thirty items, and then you weighed it on the post office scale and found that it was 3 2/9 pounds, and measured it as being one foot by two feet, you would fill it out like this:

{{Con|'''3 2/9'''|20|30}}

And its output would look like this: &&&+2900 3 2/9 || &&+18000 20 || &&+27000 30 || &&&+5589 6.21 || &&&+8379 9.31 || &&&&+603 0.67

Of course, it's not used in isolation. It's used in the table. So, the row would be filled out like this:

|{{abbr|short name|long description}} || box || 1 || 2 || {{Con|'''3 2/9'''|20|30}} || [link]|| 

And it would look like this:

Container Type length width Weight (lbs) lbs # items Capacity (lbs):weight Capacity (items):weight Capacity (lbs):Capacity (items) Source Notes
Properties Capacity Ratios
short name box 1 2 &&&+2900 3 2/9 &&+18000 20 &&+27000 30 &&&+5589 6.21 &&&+8379 9.31 &&&&+603 0.67 [link]

The ratios shown are rounded to the nearest hundredth.