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With the right tools you can turn animal hides into leather or fur.

Where and what

All you need is a tanner's kit that can be bought (or stolen if you like) from Lida at the Hunter's camp in Lancre. The kit contains some dog muck, some of which will be used every time you try to tan a hide. If the kit is empty it is possible to refill it from a jar of dog muck, that can obtained from the same shop.

How to do it

Go out and find some cute animal. Kill it and 'get skin from corpse' (you will need to hold a knife to do this). After that - with the tanner's kit in your inventory - you can "tan skin with tanner's kit to make <{leather|skin|suede|fur}>". Not every skin is suitable to be made into every of those options though.

Tanning uses your skills in crafts.materials.tanning. The difficulty depends on the size of the skin - small skins like those from frogs or rats take less skills than for example elephants. Depending on your skills and the difficulty you either destroy the skin or get a hide of differing quality. To start you will need a bonus of at least about 150. To succeed well with larger skins a bonus of 300 might be necessary.

The resulting hide can be sold at every general store, but Geraldine at the Hunter's camp will pay much better. Furs can also be sold for even more to the furrier in Mad Wolf. The price depends on the quality and the size of the hide.

Once you have tanned some skin you could also go on and dye them to make them even more valuable.

Tanning is connected to two achievements: Competent Tanner and Master Tanner.

Further reading

There is some further information in the AM daily, edition 98 and edition 100.

Tanning is a craft activity.