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A tannery or leatherworking shop is a room in which players can leatherwork their damaged leather items, repairing their condition. Many tanneries also sell various leather goods.

All tanneries levy a small charge for use of the tools, which is dependent on the degree to which the item being leatherworked needs repairing.


City/Town Location
AM Phedre Road
AM West side of the Plaza of Broken Moons
AM Launder room, Thieves' Guild
AM Lolinda's Lovely Leather near Hubwards gate
BP Rhinu Road
BP Small landing-stage underneath Pearl Path
Bleak Prospect north road into town
Ephebe Small shoe shop below the north end of Dockside Market
Escrow Thorn Road
DJB Djelibeybi harbour, on Dockers Lane
Genua Northern edge of the marketplace
Ohulan Cutash Sto Street
Ramtops Hunters' outpost
Slippery Hollow Northeast of market
Sto Lat southwest corner of the marketplace

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