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A talker is an item that gives you access to various channels. You can use them to talk to people (anyone who is listening to the channel).


There are several channels, with different purposes. The command "talker channels" will show you which ones you have access to.

Creators have access to channels whether or not they fit the criteria for being on the channel (being in a specific guild, etc.).


One is the channel for general chatter. Everyone has access to it, and it's generally fairly busy.


Two is for singing, and Sokkard's various stories, and sometimes random chatter as well. Everyone has access to it, but it's not nearly as busy as One.


Everyone has access to this channel, which exists for the purpose of discussing the news. Once upon a time news feeds from different sources were shown here.


 (Igame) Pit: People use the channel to talk about missions.
 (Igame) Nuala: Stallone unless I've got this very wrong it's for people to chat about m...ahh what Pit said
 (Igame) Pit: Some may also like to use it to ask for help for quests (spoiler-free plz!) and achievements.
 (Igame) Stallone: ahhhh thankd
 (Igame) Mauve: And other game stuff.
 (Igame) Tomt: Pit any ideas on the etymology?
 (Igame) Pit: Mind you, that wasn't what the channel was made for.
 (Igame) Shand perks up and listens intently
 (Igame) Pit: Originally, this was a channel like quiz, but shared with other MUDs. However, it ended up not really being used, and the connection with other MUDs was dropped, so some players decided to appropriate it.
 (Igame) Pit: And turned it into the official missions channel.
 (Igame) Pit: While creator stood by and said "hmmmm, let's see whether this clever player-initiative actually *works*"
 (Igame) Stallone: then what is intermud
 (Igame) Shand: terrible?
 (Igame) Stallone is so confused.
 (Igame) Pit: And then sometime later we said "you know, we should probably remove the remaining intermud-connections, we keep getting runtimes".
 (Igame) Pit: Intermud is for talking to other MUDs.
 (Igame) Pit: Igame was for playing games with them.
 (Igame) Pit: While inews is for receiving news. That one isn't for talking to other MUDs, though, as they can't hear you.
 (Igame) Pit: (Even though we can hear them.)
 (Igame) Stallone: we can??? spooky
 (Igame) Pit: Well, I don't think those other muds are really using it either.  ;)
 (Igame) Stallone: so much unused code and unseen content in the mud sometimes it makes me feel very small
 (Igame) Stallone snaps out of it

Everyone has access to this channel.


This channel is for quizzes and countdown. Everyone has access to this channel.

Mr Countdown

This game gives a series of nine scrambled letters. The object is to make the longest word you can with those letters. You have 30 seconds for each 'question' and five questions per game.

Example Question:

(Quiz) Mr Countdown wisps: Q1. SOLENTUTI
(Quiz) Mr Countdown wisps: 14 seconds left.
(Quiz) Clanger wisps: stolen
(Quiz) Mr Countdown wisps: Time's up!
(Quiz) Mr Countdown wisps: My best answer was "ELUTIONS"
(Quiz) Mr Countdown wisps: 4 points to Clanger for STOLEN!

To start the game type

quiz !countdown

High scores can be seen at [ ]

Ms Maths

This game gives a series of numbers and a target number. The object is to write an equation using all the numbers in the given series to equal the target number.

Example Question:

(Quiz) Ms Maths wisps: You must write an equation using the following numbers: 75, 5, 7, 8, 1, 2. It must equal 513.

To start the game type

quiz !maths

Mr Quiz

This is a classic trivia game with many categories to choose from. A game with MR Quizz consists of ten questions.

The get a list of the categories type

quiz !categories

(Quiz) Mr Quiz wisps: I know the following categories: Acronym Soup, Animal Names, Animal Trivia, Arts & Entertainment, Astronomy, Authors, Definitions, Diablo II, Discworld, Disney Names, Food, Games, General, Geography, History, Horses, Literature, Lord Of The Rings, Lyrics, Math, Millionaire Final Questions, Movies, Music, Name The Year, People & Places, Phobias, Politics, Presidents, Rivers, Roman Emperors, Saints, Science & Nature, Sports, Sports & Leisure, Star Wars, States, SuperTrivia, TV, TV & Movies, Travel Trivia, Trivia, US Capitals, Useless Trivia, Valentines, Video Games, World, World History, World Leaders, World War I, X-Men, Zodiac.

To start the game type

quiz !start <category/categories,comma,separated,no spaces>


quiz !start disney names,star wars,animal names

When everyone seems to be stumped you can ask for a hint.

quiz !hint

Guild channels

You will have a channel for your specific guild. These are basically for whatever the guild members want to talk about, and range from quite busy to not very busy at all.

Warriors and Assassins also have channels for their specializations.

Deity channels

The main deity channel is (Priests). As priest or follower, you'll also have access to a channel for your specific deity.

On Fool's Day (Priests) is also called (Monks), (Godbotherers) and (Rectors).

Citizen channels

If you're a citizen in a country, you have access to a council channel for it.

Magistrates have an additional channel for their country.

  • DjelibeybiCouncilMagistrate
  • Ankh-MorporkCouncilMagistrate


Everyone has access to this channel.


Everyone has access to this channel.


Members of the Apex Club have access to this channel.


Playerkillers have access to this channel.


Playtesters have access to this channel.


Senior Playtesters and Playtesting Executives have access to this channel.


Ghosts have access to this channel, through the book that the dwarves give them.


The Crime channel is a secret channel and seems to be Creator only. Watchmen report on this channel what they witness.

(One) Dacrian wisps: (crime) Carrot: qiuyan is insulting an officer!


Some creators are listening to this channel.

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