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Does anyone know at what points the stones can explode? I've had one explode on me at the "convince it has x stages" point, but beyond that I've got nothing. --Ilde 21:50, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

I think exploding is when you critically fail a convince skillcheck. As the only skillcheck of significance is the number of stages one, that's probably the only one where you're going to see explosions - the other convincing skillchecks for filling out the details of the stages are pretty puny, so unlikely to have a critical fail. Aside from exploding, crumbling is a far more prevalent issue; that only happens at the educe stage. --Chat 22:25, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
I've had them explode while convincing them to forget, now, too. :( Not really ideal for idling purposes (I got it up to 100 levels, too, just so it wouldn't happen again! And then it still did! Bah). I'll add a little note, then. ETA: Oh, I see, so it's convoking, not talisman that it uses... wish I'd checked first. --Ilde 08:24, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

I don't think you need two witches to educe a trick for it to be sold by Hilta, just doing it a lot so it appears in Goodie Whemper's Definitive List of Well Known Tricks is probably enough. --Frazyl 22:08, 18 November 2010 (UTC)

Length of each stage

(Witches) Hannazus wisps: For those wishing to be in the know, apparently each stage can be 250 characters long.

Perhaps we can add this info somewhere in the wiki?

-- Qiuyan

Bonuses required for more stages

Janeka wisped: convoking 211/259 talisman 212/260 isn't enough for 4 stages in a
    trick, but convoking 211/259 talisman 251/280 seems to be enough
Janeka wisped: either that or I fluked. is convincing flukable?
Quotid wisped that she cheers
Sorae wisped: I had to put XP into convoking but I did it at convoking 70/223,
    talisman 300/346
Janeka wisped: maybe it's the convoking and talisman bonuses added together
Sorae wisped: Yeah. Or maybe there's a bare minimum of each and then the rest needs
    to be added together?
Janeka wisped: both my bonuses and the bonuses you said are around 530-560 added
Sorae wisped that she nodnods
Janeka wisped: I'll put this on the research page on the wiki
Sorae wisped: Those bonuses are statted by the way. And I convinced in a circle.
Sorae wisped that she wore a bronze helm for the duration

Tetrikitty (talk) 07:44, 2 October 2015 (EDT)