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Not sure if anyone is still interested, but I spotted a linen white moon's the output from my logs:

[hilly mountain range] The land is lit up by the eerie light of the waning crescent moon.

This is a curving green hillside with a carpet of summer flowers and mushrooms adding colour. It is impossible to tell how long these hills go on for; the hills drop away and reappear seamlessly, a vast optical illusion. A range of rolling mountainous hills fills the view to the north, east, south, west, northeast, southwest, southeast and northwest.

It is a damn cold secundus summer's night with a steady breeze and a beautifully clear sky.

There are four obvious exits: north, east, south and west.

An earth-grey rabbit is sitting upright and a linen white moon dragon is standing here.

>l dragon

This tiny linen white dragon looks as if he has been carved by a master sculptor with very fine instruments and an obsession with fretwork. The little head, proud as a seahorse's, is surrounded by an exquisite straw yellow lace ruff stretched between delicate spines, a theme echoed about his cheekbones and forelegs. A jagged ridge trails all the way down his spine and along the writhing tail, which is tipped in a little diamond-shaped sail of straw yellow lace.

He is in good shape.

He is standing.

>...Much later...<

The linen white moon dragon covers his wheat-gold eyes with one paw.

Thanks for verifying, Aaric! I've edited the main page to give you credit. --Shenandoah