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Sort test and example

Example for uses of weightkey for mixed but convertible units.

Using {{gems}}, {{lb}}, {{"}} templates Using weightkey directly
&&&&&&&&+0 0.02 g &&&&&&&&+0 0.02
&&&&&&&&+0 0.01 g &&&&&&&&+0 0.01
&&&&&&&&+0 0.03 g &&&&&&&&+0 0.03
&&&&&&+198 99 g &&&&&&+198 99
&&&&&&+200 100 g &&&&&&+200 100
&&&&&&+202 101 g &&&&&&+202 101
&&&&&&&+74 37 g &&&&&&&+74 37
&&&&&&&+77 38.5 g &&&&&&&+77 38.5
&&&&&&&+78 39 g &&&&&&&+78 39
&&&&&&+248 124 g &&&&&&+248 124
&&&&&&+250 125 g &&&&&&+250 125
&&&&&&+252 126 g &&&&&&+252 126
&&&&&&+148 74 g &&&&&&+148 74
&&&&&&+150 75 g &&&&&&+150 75
&&&&&&+152 76 g &&&&&&+152 76
&&&&&&+200 2/9 lb &&&&&&+200 2/9
&&&&&&+250 2.5/9 lb &&&&&&+250 2.5/9
&&&&&&+300 3/9 lb &&&&&&+300 3/9
&&&&&&+100 1/9 lb &&&&&&+100 1/9
&&&&&&&&+6 1/12 " &&&&&&&+75 1/12
&&&&&&&+13 2/12 " &&&&&&+150 2/12

Even without lb, /9 is known to be in lb, /12 in inches and with no / gems, though that can be unclear, so you can now use those templates. You can also do fractions of those e.g. 2.5/9.

--Frazyl (talk) 12:22, 18 November 2018 (EST)

Thieves' Guild Wiki

The Thieves' guild wiki was hosted by Danduin -MayTheyRestInPeace-.

Emily contacted me to import the data, because we don't know how long the old host will continue to work.

The pages of the Thieves' Guild Wiki are listed in the following links:

Many pages are recovered archives from the TM project that disappeared as noted in the other topic below. It would be nice to go through the skills pages and copy the missing tms into this wiki in the relevant skill trees.

Pages on a topic that is already in this wiki should have the new information merged in the local article.

For the rest of the pages, if you spot pages that should be imported and that are not yet here (or as Thief/PageName), please add them in the following list and I will import them with full histories.

Thanks. --Frazyl (talk) 16:39, 9 November 2018 (EST)

Clubs pages

Also asked by Emily for other mudders is to have pages for clubs. This is fine, you can create pages for your club as a subpage like Club/Charm Chasers.

The club pages will be listed automagically in the Club page.

--Frazyl (talk) 16:39, 9 November 2018 (EST)


User:Riannon removed the information for making poisons on the pages Smoke bomb, Hallucination poison, Bloat poison, Gp poison and Venom poison, but did not explain why or put a summary for the changes.

Since this information is readily available and because I do not believe in making it harder for new people to find new information I'm going to put it back for now with a more colorful warning on top of the page.

Feel free to comment here about it, but I feel not wanting others to share information is against the whole point of the wiki. For example I wouldn't mind if people shared their recipes for brewing.

Even obsolete information just has to be marked as such until more up to date information can be obtained.

--Frazyl (talk) 22:01, 23 December 2016 (EST)

I have removed this information from the wiki because it's knowledge is restricted in game. Frazyl is mistaken
about it being readily available. Under current Conlegium Sicariorum policy the books it is found in are restricted
to assassins of GL300 and above only. New assassins have no problem learning this information from older assassins,
myself included, if they're responsible with it. Summary - it shouldn't be included here as it's restricted in game
and new players have access to the info provided they follow guild policy in regards to it's use.
Riannon (talk) 01:50, 25 December 2016 (EST)
What you did by sneak-modifying pages is wrong, this is not allowed on this wiki.
Submissions to the Discworld MUD Wiki must be made in the spirit of information and knowledge sharing. You have no obligation to share any new information, but it is against the Discworld MUD Wiki's policy to try to remove, censor, drown, degrade, disorganize, damage, sabotage or destroy useful information entered by other contributors or yourself. You must document in the summary why you are doing a non-trivial change which seems to be against this policy. Every contribution should strive to help others understand the world better, either by contributing new information, by organizing it better or by presenting it in a better way. Information that is no longer relevant should be marked as such and updated when better information is available. To create or keep an account or to change anything in the Discworld MUD Wiki you must accept this policy.
You should communicate with a bureaucrat on the wiki or on the mud if you wanted to report that your work is used without your permission on the wiki. The work you seem to object being present on the wiki, labeled «From Lexx's "From Spiders to Smokebombs"», seems to have been written by Lexx, not you. It does not matter if it is in a restricted section of a library. You cannot know how Jerec, who made the contribution to the wiki, obtained the text and unless you have spoken to the author you do not know if there was permission to post it here. Contacting the author of the work is what you should do if it is not you and you think something wrong happened, it is not up to you to police the use of a work done by someone else. However, since the text itself is not needed, it does not fit in the style of the wiki and I think it can be more concisely written here, I'm working on new versions of the pages that only show the information if you willingly highlight it, so people do not spoil themselves without wanting to. If you want the best for people and not control over them this should be fine for you.
However, you did not limit yourself to removing excerpts of that text, you also removed some information about making poisons. Discworld MUD game rules does not forbid sharing them. Be advised that by saying "knowledge is restricted in game" someone might think this is against the game rules. It is not. I carefully reviewed the game rules, and I can find absolutely nothing preventing anyone from sharing poison information to anyone in any way. You can review the game rules there:
Furthermore, the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins charter (to be clear which is not a part of the game rules) does not forbid sharing poison recipes either.
People share information about poisons all the time, for example: [1]. Some have mentioned publicly that they used the poison labs without beings assassins. These things happen. They are either allowed to happen in game by the game code or not.
Poison information is similar to various degrees to witches' tea recipes, thieves' safe cracking, priests' wards, knowing the best hunting spots, getting the most out of wizard spells, quest information, how to do obscure achievements and any number of other systems in the game. If you believe in sharing information you should do so freely to help others.
TL;DR Bottom line, this wiki exists to share information and if you don't want that then you can't be part of it.
You cannot censor the whole internet and every attempt will draw attention to it and make it more widely shared.
Respect Existence or Expect Resistance.
--Frazyl (talk) 21:01, 30 December 2016 (EST)

Adding users to the wiki

Administrators for this wiki can create new accounts if anyone playing on the mud wants one. The only criteria right now is that they must have an account on Discworld mud. The account name should match one of their mud account name or be a recognizable variation of it. Accounts of past players are kept to know who modified what even if they are deleted from the mud.

Players should contact through the mud someone from this list who has been active on the mud recently asking for an account to be made for them.

The procedure for wiki administrators is:

  1. Go to Special:Userlogin, when logged in as an administrator.
  2. Click on "Create an account" link to get to the account creation form.
  3. With email
    1. Enter a username and an email address, and click the "by email" button.
    2. The account will be created with a random password which is then emailed to the given address (as with the "forgot password" feature). The user will be requested to change password at first login; when they do, their e-mail address will also be marked as confirmed.
  4. Without email
    1. Without an email the administrator enters the requested password or makes a random one.
    2. They then send the password to the user by mudmail telling them to login and change their password to something else.
  5. If anything fails, post a message to User_talk:Frazyl or send a mudmail to Frazyl.

--Frazyl (talk) 02:08, 23 December 2016 (EST)


--Frazyl (talk) 02:08, 23 December 2016 (EST)

TM wiki gone

As Aphaea noticed, the TM wiki is gone, but still has several snapshots, this is the latest one. Aphaea has started copying data across, I was just wondering: Would it be better to have the TM stuff on the skills' research pages? --Gunde 16:05, 28 March 2013 (UTC)

I think it's fine either way. I'd prefer if all the bonus ranges were on the same page because it means less clicking. The way Aphaea is doing seems fine to me, especially since there's links to other skills to help navigation. --Frazyl 17:42, 28 March 2013 (UTC)

Working on creating a house format for the TMs section being added to all the skills pages.

So far removing all anomalies at the start of fields and capitalzing them however I will be aiming to have the 'action taken' field in a set format rather than it is now, before i work out how this will be i would like peoples input (If this page is still used --Ascdren 13:27 30 march 2013 (UTC)


To archive the Main Page:

  • Create a new archive page called 'Talk:Main Page/Archive X', where X is the number after the last archive page listed on top of this page.
  • Move any sections which have been solved or that are old and not useful anymore to this new page.
  • Put the {{talkarchive}} template at the top of the archive page.
  • Update the {{archives}} template (increase numarchives by one) at the top of this page.

--Frazyl (talk) 02:08, 23 December 2016 (EST)