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Props to you guys for working out a proper rating system!

I have issue, though, with the deletion of the "Excellent weapon" pages: They're useful in that many players will only want to see the weapons in the 15th category of quality. Even if we scrap the pages in question, there needs to be a simple way to separate the "best" weapons from the not-so-great ones.

If we proceed with the deletion of the "Excellent" category pages, I propose that we add a second sortable table to each page, including only the 15th quality category.

-TherionAndAlts 06:51, 16 September 2009 (UTC)

Why would we need a second table? Sortability means that there is a simple way to separate out the best weapons: sort by rating and only look at that chunk of the table. ETA: And there's a good reason not to have two tables: unnecessary redundancy. It'll be two things to update on that page every time you add an excellent weapon (or change its judge info, or give it a more precise weight). I'm actually ambivalent about having those tables there at all, for that same reason, since they have to be updated by hand. You can't just add a weapon article; you also have to go to its category page and update that. It's very useful to see them all in one place, yes, but I think the right thing would be to have the tables generated automatically... I'm just not sure if that's even possible here. Anyway... there's also the question of where to put the cutoff. If a weapon has a rating of exactly 94 or 95, is it excellent, or not? Anyone with a high bonus will get "extremely good". Would that mean that if you don't have a high enough bonus, you can't put something in that category? --Ilde 09:45, 16 September 2009 (UTC)
The second table allows people to sort only "excellent" weapons by weight, specials, etc. You can use the main table, if you like (that's what it's there for), but the second cuts out the dross such as butterknives and rubber chickens, which many players don't care about because they're not "excellent." I often use the second tables for that reason; I care about the weight of a tiger fang relative to a kodachi, but not the kodachi relative to a copper short sword. (Insanity actually requested that we expand the second table, to include "Extremely good" weapons as well!)
If you, or anyone else, can work out a way to automagically generate tables filled with article data, then I'm all for it! The current tables are the way they are because I wished to add sortability but am inept with Wiki code. The current tables are not hassle-free, but I feel that the small amount of extra work involved is worth the return in convenience until such time as an automagical table can be generated.
As to the exact cutoff, I think we can work that out when we find someone with a high enough ot.ev.we bonus, and enough patience, to determine exact ratings for each and every weapon. In the meantime, I'm happy to have a broad range; since the "excellent" tables are now "100 club" tables, we can use the broad range of, say, 94-100, since that is the range in which judge will have an "excellent" result.
-TherionAndAlts 12:34, 16 September 2009 (UTC)
Hrm. As I see it, there are essentially four main problems with having a second table, by whatever name:
  • Some weapons will need to be added twice - once to the 'normal table', once to the 'special table'. Ilde has already gone over this point above, so I won't elaborate much - essentially the issue here is that it's then easy for the information in both tables to get out of sync.
  • Where is the cut off? - It looks like everyone wants this at a different level!
    • It's currently (roughly) a rating of 94+
    • Insanity says he wants 'extremely good' too? Well, that's anything from 81+ to 89+.
    • Perhaps we want round numbers - 80+ or 90+?
    • Someone really picky might only want 98+
  • You can't determine rating accurately enough (or at least, you can't using judge). Say Alice, with ad.ev.we bonus 400, judges the 'Womblefork' weapon (which actually has a rating of 95) as 'Extremely good'. She would enter the weapon has having rating 89-95. Now Bob, with ad.ev.we bonus 163, judges the 'Froghammer' weapon (which actually has a rating of 94) as 'Excellent'. He would enter the weapon as having rating 94-100. Most 'elite weapon' tables will now end up including the Froghammer, but not the Womblefork - despite the fact that the Womblefork actually has a higher rating.
  • Is rating the thing you really want to use to distinguish weapons?. Rating is a fairly generic measure, which is used in the judge command to give a single representation of the weapon's quality. It's based purely on the weapon's average and max base damage, and isn't always the most appropriate measure. Consider now the following weapons:
Name Min dmg Ave dmg Max dmg Rating (derived) Weight Difficulty
Foobane 50 100 150 60 5 lb 40
Frogcleaver 110 110 110 57 4 lb 50
Blade of Fluff 50 105 160 64 10 lb 75
Gunfork 0 90 180 62 3 lb 20
Alice the Assassin is off to kill giant spiders. She's probably best off using Frogcleaver here, as average damage will be most relevant to her attacks. Were she to choose a weapon based on rating, however, she'd go with the Blade of Fluff, which would actually be less effective.
So should we order on average damage instead? No. Bob the Barbarian is off to kill Troll Grflxen. A Troll Grflx has very tough skin that absorbs 160 hitpoints off all damage. Choosing either Blade of Fluff (best by rating) or Frogcleaver (best by average damage) would be foolish - poor Bob won't damage those Troll Grfxen at all! He should go with the fearsome Gunfork here (best by max damage).
Polly the Priest is now off on a jaunt through Ankh-Morpork, killing a pretty random selection of things (with varying levels of armouredness). She wants a good all-round weapon, so rating is probably more relevant to her than either max or average damage alone. She therefore chooses the sturdy Blade of Fluff. But wait! Would she be better off using the Foobane instead? Sure, it does slightly less average and max damage, but it weighs half as much and is easier to use. She won't hit as hard using it, but she'll hit more often, and be less likely to miss, and that will probably more than compensate.
The moral of the story here is, we should probably just present all the data that is available, and let the viewer decide how to order it.
Given the above issues, I think we're probably best off just with having a big sortable list in the categories - if the viewer wants to see the 'best weapons', let them sort the table according to whatever criteria they desire.
On a related note, I think what we actually want for weapons in general is to install either the SMW or Data extensions - that way auto-updating tables can be created.
--Chat 16:04, 16 September 2009 (UTC)
Ooooo! I like the look of SMW better--this page looks like exactly the kind of thing we want, whereas I don't see an example of anything like that for Data.
--Ilde 20:17, 16 September 2009 (UTC)
The current tables are not hassle-free, but I feel that the small amount of extra work involved is worth the return in convenience until such time as an automagical table can be generated.
Oh, I definitely agree there. It's miles better than not having the tables and it seems like the best we can do with the wiki as it currently is. It just offends my delicate sensibilities to, basically, have it as a table instead of a view. ;)
--Ilde 20:17, 16 September 2009 (UTC)
Keep in mind that the second table is only linked from the main weapon page; the players that don't want to use it don't have to. It's there for the ones that do.
The cutoff is not really as relevant to me as the ability to sort by multiple conditions. Since I don't know how to make a single table that allows you to sort primarily by rating region (I propose 95-100, since iirc that's the widest range that can possibly show up as excellent) and then sort that by weight, the second table (which shows the weapons that fall between the example of 95-100), is useful.
If you know how to make a table sortable by multiple parameters, then I'd be all for the single table; but as it is, we don't have such a method. Once we do, the second table can be dropped with no complaints from me.
Regarding your example, is there actually a way to accurately determine the base damage of a weapon (without knowing its exact rating), its difficulty, and the relative power of its specials? If an accurate and objective method exists, I'd like to add that to the infoboxes and tables; they would be a great way to differentiate the weapons.
I use the rating to sort weapons because, as far as I am aware, it is the only objective way to determine a weapon's quality in terms of hard data.
-TherionAndAlts 00:08, 17 September 2009 (UTC)