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Thistle: I decided why not put a little less visual and a bit more statistic version of the Spellcheck Project on the new Discworld mud Wiki. Hopefully people will continue to add any results they may acquire so as to have a more accurate Spellcheck Project then Ever

We already have this, helpfully split into individual pages for each spell. For example, the Delusions of Grandeur research you've added would be better located at 'Research:Delusions of Grandeur'. If you take a look at that page, you'll see that it already contains the research data imported from Clover's website (that's the one); the same has been applied to all other witch spells where possible.
All new research data is welcomed - you'll see there are several holes in the current data where we desperately need more information from witches with different research bonuses; however:
  • Please use the existing Research page framework, rather than creating new pages.
  • We've already got Clover's old data incorporated, so don't worry about trying to merge it in.
--Chat 17:14, 27 October 2010 (UTC)

I apologize for the additional page, but there is no link to that page within the page designated for the spell. also having looked at the page you listed it could probably be a bit more user friendly. the chart I adapted is clear and precise giving the chances of success and the bonuses required. I understand that more than one page is not needed. Maybe someone will take these into consideration.