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Pasting pages here for later usage and possibly cribbing as they are deemed useful/sorted into the new categories.


If you do two delivery missions of the same level of difficulty back to back, the xp reward is halved for the second one and then halved again if you do another, etc. This resets to the full xp reward one hour after the most recent delivery mission of that difficulty level.

Type Time to deliver Exp reward Monetary reward
(varies a bit between currencies)
local 15 minutes 8000 &&&&&&&&&&&+1600 A$4.00 Stationary npc in Ankh-Morpork.
close by 30 minutes 16000 &&&&&&&&&&&+3200 A$8.00 Npcs in the Sto Plains, some move around.
far away 1 hour 36000 &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20, &&&&&&&&&&&+7000 DjToon 35.00, &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 15Rh, &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 LC 4|2|-, &&&&&&&&&&&+7500 2,5,0Gf, &&&&&&&&&&&+7104 S37|0de, &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 3 dr Mostly stationary npcs (or that don't move far) all around the Disc
distant land 3 hours 64000 &&&&&&&&&&+12800 A$32, &&&&&&&&&&+13000 DjToon 65.00, &&&&&&&&&&+12000 25Rh, &&&&&&&&&&+12816 LC 7|5|-, &&&&&&&&&&+12900 4,3,0Gf, &&&&&&&&&&+14400 1M S25|0de Short list of npcs that all move around. You can fly to most of them.
difficult customers 2 days 88000 &&&&&&&&&&+18000 A$45, &&&&&&&&&&+16800 35Rh, &&&&&&&&&&+18000 6,0,0Gf, &&&&&&&&&&+19200 2M Warning: it could be dangerous! Bring one or more blue crystal rings to get away.


Times listed above are in the Disc temporal reality.

The money you receive as payment is usually in the currency used in the location where the recipient happens to be when the letter is delivered.

If you don't want to deliver the letter Frank gave to you, give it back to him; however, you will need to wait ten Roundworld minutes before you can attempt another delivery.

If you lose the letter and would like to get another without waiting for the delivery time to expire, tell Frank that you would like to quit. You will still need to wait the ten Roundworld minutes before he will give you another one.

If you find a letter another player has dropped or fumbled, you can return it to Frank who will tell you who it was given to. This does not make the letter available for other players if it has not expired yet. You may want to check the expiry before returning and tell the player if this is the case so that they can quit manually as above.

You cannot deliver while it is too dark for you to see the recipient.


Close-by NPCs are located in Ankh-Morpork or another nearby town, and often move.

NPC Location
Arnold Sideways Ankh-Morpork
Captain Carrot Ankh-Morpork, Ankh-Morpork City Watch
Coffin Henry Ankh-Morpork
Cripple Wa[1] Ankh-Morpork, Fish Dock
Cut-My-Own-Throat Dibbler
  • Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler
Duck Man Ankh-Morpork
Foul Ole Ron[1]
  • Scrying Ron shows "Elusive Ron". To find Foul Ole Ron try scrying Arnold Sideways or Duckman.
Francis with his ukulele of pain Ankh-Morpork
Gok'wan Ankh-Morpork
Gritjaw Thighsplitter Ankh-Morpork, Dwarf District
Hobbling Tim Ankh-Morpork, Sheer Street
Hoff Buchannon Ankh-Morpork
Jocasta Wiggs Ankh-Morpork
Jolene Ankh-Morpork
Lewis Wyatt Ankh-Morpork, near Weaver Street
Louis Bingham Ankh-Morpork
Maple Bede Ankh-Morpork
Maude Scowd Ankh-Morpork
Mellie Thistlewhistle Ankh-Morpork
Mr Glodson Ankh-Morpork
Mr Pin Ankh-Morpork
Mr Tulip Ankh-Morpork
Mrs. Cosmopilite Holy Wood
Neelie Awkside Ankh-Morpork
Nobby Nobs
  • Nobby Nobbs
Ankh-Morpork, Ankh-Morpork City Watch
Old Wilfred Ankh-Morpork
Prodo Laggins Ankh-Morpork
Ronnie Soak Ankh-Morpork
Sacharissa Cripslock Ankh-Morpork, Ankh-Morpork City Watch
Salan Feiht Ankh-Morpork
Sergeant Colon Ankh-Morpork, Ankh-Morpork City Watch
Sergeant Detritus Ankh-Morpork, Ankh-Morpork City Watch
The LAG Ankh-Morpork
The Weasel Ankh-Morpork
Tneduts Ankh-Morpork, On a Pub Crawl
Carlton Desric Scrogden
Hughoc Gatewood Scrogden
Hamesh Sheepridge
Tneduts Ankh-Morpork, On A Pub Crawl

Far away

Far away NPCs are generally stationary.

NPC Location
Cern Smith Bad Ass
Granny Weatherwax Bad Ass (Witches' Guild)
Gulta Smith Bad Ass
Hanlo Shepston Bad Ass, The Forge
Jaims Smith Bad Ass
Kev Ogg / Mr. Ogg Bad Ass, Forge
Martha Headlock Bad Ass, Village Shop
Mrs Smith Bad Ass
Cohen the Barbarian Barbarian camp
Morchella Esculenta Blackglass, Undead Defence Shop
Emile Bois, pub
Fern Golly Brass Neck, Brightly coloured (toy) stall
Granville Brass Neck, Village Shop
Virgo Vango Brass Neck (Portrait Shop)
The Proprietor
  • shopkeeping native
Brown Islands, Souvenir Shop
  • The Brown Islands, Souvenir Shop
Scuttle Me Own Canoe Dihbl / SMOC Dihbl Calh-Nhad
Dia Shale Creel Springs
Esther Elderbury Creel Springs
DEATH Death's realm
  • (No location! Maybe because DEATH is everywhere, potentially anyway.)
Dil the Embalmer Djelibeybi, Embalmers' guild
Khip-en-dahl Djelibeybi, Queen Ptraci furniture shop
Master Bibh-Lat Djelibeybi, Phoenix Road, Silversmith
Merk Djelibeybi, Phoenix Road, Merk's Mephit Messengers
Ptep-ptip-ptop Djelibeybi, Pottery shop, Tsort Road
Ptik-ptak-ptoe Djelibeybi, Hourglass shop
Pugh Alighieri Djelibeybi, Sickle Street, Alcohol shop
Teh-takk-eht Djelibeybi, Temple street
Toohumi Djelibeybi, Market Street, Toohumi's Illuminations
Ug Ogg Djelibeybi, Djelian Guard
Wan-tew-iit Djelibeybi, barracks' kitchen
Arms trader Djelibeybi Harbour
Awaiting-Rain Djelibeybi Harbour
Captain Ptargos Djelibeybi Harbour, Brazen Mermaid
Fis'n-tsips Djelibeybi Harbour, Happy Melon Inn
One of them Dibblers with a long name
  • May-I-be-Dipped-in-My-Own-Grease Dih-bah-lah
Djelibeybi Harbour
Abraxas Ephebe, Rational Street
Ania Ephebe, Logical Lane, the Flaming Ram's Skull Club
Arimasticopoulous the Mosaicist Ephebe, Rational Street Alleyway
Aurinax Ephebe, Antithesis lane, jewellery repair shop
Betty Ephebe, Morporkian Tearoom (tea shop close to the Bing bank)
Endos the Listener Ephebe, Antithesis Lane
Kakia Ephebe, Logical Lane, the Flaming Ram's Skull Club
Klepton Ephebe, Ponder Alley
Maintenance man Ephebe, Citadel
Master Zosimos Ephebe, Paradox Avenue, A murky little shop
  • Zosimos' Wine Shop
Rimasticopoulous the Mosaicist Ephebe, Rational Street Alleyway
Souvlakios Ephebe, Tuvelpit Road
The owner Ephebe, Market Taverna
Xenophobios Ephebe, Logical Lane, Amaryllis' Taverna
Clara Escrow (Candle Cave)
Ema Nymton Escrow (fair grounds)
Ivor von Kaeyya Escrow (The Count's Seat, Briar Way)
SMOH Dybbler Escrow (Mother Dybbler Potion Shop)
Trau Mirnicht Escrow (fair)
Verkauft Keinfleisch Escrow (The Meat Pie Shoppe, Garlic Way)
A generic Charre Bux employee Genua, Charre Bux Coffee House
Ayna Genua, Thee Magick Boxe
Blloddwyn Genua, 'Y Crochan Ddu' Tavern
Brittnee Genua, Savannah Road
Captain Merreaux Vingian Genua, Musketeers
Cogsworth Genua, Cogsworth's Clocks, Trade Street
David Leatherman Genua, Marketplace
Edna Scum Genua, The Scum Bar, Pirate Avenue
Fredd S'Vage Genua, Calypso Street, The Baron's Hand
Harbour Master Genua, Office near docks
Harbour mistress Genua, underground docks
Hotel Reception Genua, Hotel
Jolly Roger Genua, Pirate Avenue, pirate shop
Mamie Olivia Genua, Dead Man's Walk
Mr Ray Genua, Tacticus Academy
Mr Myrtle Genua, Silver Bells Silversmiths
Myrtle Genua, Silver Bells Silversmiths
Mrs Gogol Genua, Marketplace
Sno-ball vendor Genua, Lovers' Walk
Spritz Peltanque Genua, The Resting Zombie
Talula Genua, Talula's Tintillating Toys ([sic] shop is actually called Talula's Titillating Toys)
The shopkeeper Genua, Chandlery in Genua Avenue
The tipster
  • Andy 'the joker' DeAngelis
  • Billy 'the baker' Vanilla
  • Eric 'the weasel' Episcopia
  • Henry 'show me the money' DeVaughn
  • Louis 'brace yourself' Guidice
  • Luca 'the beard' DeBois
  • Luca 'the joker' DeBois
  • Michael 'the moose' Casella
  • Mikey 'the falcon' Episcopia
  • Sammy 'the whip' Episcopia
  • Vincent 'four fingers' Accardo
  • Vinnie 'two fingers' Giancana
Genua, Lady Brook Street, racecourse, grimy bar
Thom Cru'ez Genua, Barracks
Watch clerk Genua, Watch House
Wounded soldier Genua, Barracks
Private Inside Leg Klatchian Foreign Legion outpost storage tent
Monster Lancre Pool
Bestiality Carter Lancre Town
Brother Turbil Lancre Town, lodging house
Embezile Thatcher Lancre Town, Lancrastian Farmers' Cooperative Bank
J. Ogg Lancre Town, forge
giant leader land of the giants
Len Mad Stoat, Looney Len's Pottery Shop
Maggie Mad Stoat (beside pond)
Nicholas Winston Mad Stoat, Winston Puppets
Serb Unglish Mad Stoat
Sharn Unglish Mad Stoat
Our Wullie Mad Wolf, The Hunter's Head
Stephan Mad Wolf, Mad Wolf Furriers
Young Steven Mad Wolf, The Hunter's Head
Suhm-wil-deih Oasis, Fig Stall (tent in the southwest part of the Oasis)
Vic Ohulan-Cutash, Vic's tannery
Twoflower the tourist Ohulan-Cutash, Fiddler's Riddle
My poor kidnapped daughter
  • beautiful female captive
Ramtops, Bandit camp (very dangerous)
Allen Kingfisher Ramtops, Blackglass, Blackglass smithy
Abbot Lobsang Ramtops, Listening Monks Temple
Asap (Brother Asap) Ramtops, Monks of Cool temple (can be Cool Monks)
Brother Hotpot Ramtops, Listening Monks Temple
Morchella Esculenta Ramtops, Blackglass
Sister Bi-Bi Effenne Ramtops, Monks of Cool temple (can be Cool Monks)
Sister Ti-Ti Effenne Ramtops, Monks of Cool temple (can be Cool Monks)
Heinz Blauhimmel Razorback, village shop
Lichtenstein Razorback, The Inn
Mad Gammer Nudity Razorback
Candice Little Slice, Quilter shop
Cleetus Patterson Slice, Cleetus Patterson's Diuerse Supplies
Granma Muckloe Slice
Peggy Little Slice
Ann Celeria Slippery Hollow, Stationary Shop (from carriage stop: n,n,w,w,w,w,w,w)
Doctor Lancreman Slippery Hollow (from carriage stop: e,e,s)
Hardenfast Slippery Hollow (courthouse)
Honest Dachshund
  • Frank Doberman
Slippery Hollow, Moon Under Water Tavern
Irkabod Stork Slippery Hollow (manor)
Kortina Van Dryver
  • Miss Van Dryer
Slippery Hollow (manor)
Mr Smith (Mr Shopkeeper) Slippery Hollow, Tannery Supply Shop
Mrs Van Carrot Slippery Hollow
My good friend at the post office Slippery Hollow (post office)
One and Only Manclef Slippery Hollow
Shopkeeper Bunch Slippery Hollow (Slippery Hollow General Store)
The Magistrate
  • Magistrate Flathead
Slippery Hollow (courthouse)
Young Bran Slippery Hollow
A maitre d' Sto Lat, The Hammered Cat
Fleppo Sto Lat, Bathrobe Shop
Isobel Kingdom Sto Lat, Academy of Artificers
71-hour Ahmed Tacticum (get El Kinte Caravan from Djelibeybi)
Temple Guardian (templeguard) Temple of Soyin
  • Warning: Watch out for auto-attacking yetis!
Fione mac Feegle Uberwald (Pictsie Barrows)
Abe A town, Uberwald (Unnamed town, graveyard)
Innkeeper The Slaughtered Lamb, Unnamed town, Uberwald
Spiegal Unnamed town, Ye Olde Weapons Shoppe, Uberwald

Distant land

Distant land NPC all move. Use the bold part of their name for seeking.

Warning.png WARNING: See the note[1] about some NPCs being masked by others with the same seeking name.

It is usually worth trying to spawn the NPC at their spawn locationresearch.

NPC Location Spawn Location
Boy Willie Bes Pelargic, The Agatean Empire Somewhere on Cherry Blossom Road [n,s,e,w].
Disembowel-Meself-Honourably Dibhala Bes Pelargic The centre of the Sum Bing street market near some brightly coloured stalls [e,w,n,sw,se].
Glod-san Bes Pelargic Sixstone's Home Security Emporium [n] off Market Street [n,s,e,w]
Laggy-san Bes Pelargic, The Agatean Empire Unknown - seems to spawn in more than one spot
Lon Fah Lo[1] Bes Pelargic Long Tang Lane, east of a pier [n,s,w].
Mad Hamish Bes Pelargic (always in the red triangle) The Tuna Walk commercial area [e,nw,u].
No Go Wan[1] Bes Pelargic, usually in west half of city Tap Tong's market bar [e].
Quisoda Bes Pelargic The middle of Bridge Street [n,s]. (3 s of Confetti Lane)
Ruto of Fish Bes Pelargic, underwater in a shipwreck A lounge in sunken ship [ne]
Ryattenoki Bes Pelargic, or following players around The southwest corner of fish markets [e,ne,s].
Shi Do Gai Bes Pelargic, usually in Tuna Walk The public fishing area of Tuna Walk [w,ne]. (1 s of Su Shi)
Lap-lip Djelibeybi Sickle Street at the junction with Phoenix Road [s,ne].
Lip-phon Lap-top Djelibeybi The Road of the Sun [s,n]. (1 s of intersection with Scarab Walk)
Mihk-gran-bohp Djelibeybi The junction of the Avenue of the Pharaohs, Market Street and Phoenix Road [n,s,e,w,se,sw].
Phos-phor Djelibeybi (moves around very quickly)
Very Reverend Khepresh Djelibeybi (but likely to be found elsewhere with other players) The high altar [s,sw]. (He moves 1 sw very soon after spawning)
Yclept Djelibeybi (in the park)
Tuffy Escrow Northwestern corner of the town square [n,s,e,se].
Casanunda Genua Appears to be random research
Greig Schwitz Genua Appears to be random research
Noobie Genua Appears to be random research
Tfat Chick[1] Genua (but cannot be scried if chicks have spawned) Appears to be random research
Cut Me Own Hand Off Dhblah
Mr CMOHO Dhblah
Klatch, Oasis A bread and water cafeteria [out].
Miss Pennie Laced Ohulan Cutash The northeastern corner of the market [n,s,e,w,sw,enter stall].
Berti Boggis Skund Forest, Pekan Ford A locksmith's workshop [s].
The Proprietor Counterweight Continent, A ferry shop (Bes Pelargic, Tuna Walk / Brown Islands) The front of a ferry shop [d,e]. or The front of a ferry shop [d,s].

Difficult customers

Difficult customers generally attack on sight or are very hard to reach.

Letters are limited, probably a maximum of 3-5 letters (possibly only 2) can be in circulation at any point. This means that if you log out with a letter, that's less one letter that can be delivered. If you got your hands on a letter and the target is dead, while it's entirely up to you, it might be better to hand it right back to Frank and wait that 10 minutes to get another letter rather than holding it till the NPC spawn. Certain NPCs like the smuggler captain or Triad Boss are almost always dead due to being hotspots. Please don't log out with difficult letters. You're making it hard for other fellow letter couriers.

NPC Location
Triad Boss Bes Pelargic, Medina
The Grflx Skund Forest, Large cave
Vyrt Ephebe

Spawns at A seafood-scented edge of the Harbour Market [s,w,nw,se,sw].

Avalanche Preventore Endless Halls (say 'Endless Halls' to Hermal of Sandelfon)
The Librarian Starts in the Unseen University, wanders (in L-space)
Smuggler captain Ephebe underground
Queen Shelox Gloomy Forest
The Clown (Ha'pennywise) Genua Sewers
Ice giants The Hub

Also found in the icefields surrounding the hub - which is safer for wizards and easier to recover corpses from due to the lack of background thaums.

T-shop proprietor The Travelling shop
Bug Ramtops
Thursday A Deserted Island (Thursday's Island)
Hotan Hwoar Ni Bes Pelargic, Sum Bing, The Snail, Hotan Hwoar Ni's Rare Armours
Security guards Bes Pelargic, First Imperial Bank
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Sometimes there is more than one NPC with the same seeking name, such as No Go Wan, Lon Fah Lo, and Tfat Chick. In these cases, another NPC with the same name might be targeted instead or you will not be able to see the one you want at all. It is possible to kill the other seek targets to force the one you want to be seekable, but this is often difficult. It is not possible to tell if the NPC you are looking for is alive, dead and unspawnable, or dead and spawnable when this happens.