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Discussions and Motions

This is a space to discuss future discussions for, uh, discussion.

up for prediscussion: creation of a superfluous position Mascot specially for Quipsy.

17:48:50: Quipsy Masala tells you: Okay. Hear me out. I want to run for a position that doesn't exist.
17:48:59: Quipsy Masala tells you: and I don't know how to go about that.
17:52:17: You tell Quipsy Masala: what kind of position? i've had a slight dressing down from emily over superfluous committee positions so i'm cautious lol
17:52:46: Quipsy Masala tells you: Shoot me down if you gotta. I just want a superfluous position of Mascot
17:53:30: Quipsy Masala tells you: And here's my resume. Almost all my clothes are custom, and I love getting makeovers, and I'm charming. I have my own brand.
17:53:51: You tell Quipsy Masala: hahahahaha ok i will consider your resume and put it up for prediscussion
17:54:21: Quipsy Masala tells you: Thank you. I know I have to support of at least a significant portion of our club.
17:54:54: You tell Quipsy Masala: on emily's advice i'll be putting prediscussion items on the discussion page on the club wiki to keep spam to a minimum
17:55:05: You tell Quipsy Masala: oh i might as well club say that.
17:55:34: Quipsy Masala tells you: Much appreciated. Also. Since rauna and wolfie have positions I'm super jelly cus they are my BFFs
17:55:41: Quipsy Masala tells you: so put that on my resume
18:01:47: Quipsy Masala tells you: Oh, I can also play the accordion passably well. That can go on my resume

as noted, the more positions, the more potential for club spam. knowing the council may need paring down some day, who's in favour? (alternately, creation of an informal committee with cool titles is also possible, members of which could be listed on the club wiki and/or in the refer info) --Kimo (talk) 21:12, 1 October 2020 (EDT)

I am in favour of this.--Marya (talk) 21:16, 1 October 2020 (EDT)