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A log of Tulip and Pin, for the reader's amusement:

You say: damn
Mr Tulip asks: Hey, Pin's sensitive, we don't do swearing, ya dig?
Mr Tulip pushes you over making you sit down.
Mr Tulip pushes you over making you lie down.
Mr Tulip exclaims: I'm gonna break your -ing legs for that!
Mr Tulip pulls out his crowbar and swings it down, hard.
There is a sickening shattering of bone.
Mr Tulip raises the crowbar and splinters a kneecap with it.
Mr Tulip puts his crowbar away, until it's needed again.
Mr Tulip looks righteous.

Thief guild doctor

I once had a long time ago the misfortune to drag myself with broken legs to the doctor in the thieves' guild. He would not help in any way just saying I was not a thief.

Tabs removed my line "The doctor in the thieves' guild does not help non-thieves." and wrote in the changelog "Nimgimmer refuses to heal non-thieves but will gladly set their legs if they have the fee)".

It is not clear how this was tested or if it's just hearsay.

Anyway it should state if it works or not, for now I'll put more research needed.

--Frazyl 19:13, 28 December 2010 (UTC)

Broken leg stat penalty

It seems that having Nanny Ogg break your leg after learning splint gives -3 dex and both legs -6 dex.

It was reported in this page that it was -5 dex for one leg. It's unclear if this was after trying to crawl, or if different leg breaking methods give different penalties, or if it got changed or something else.

I'll put the -3/-6 dex but further information is needed to figure out what's what. --Frazyl 06:48, 7 July 2011 (UTC)